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08-18-2009, 11:31 AM
<Macellarius> is recruiting players of all classes to come and raid with us! We are a high end raiding guild with aspirations to be top on the server. Guild environment is mature, friendly and active. Raids are focused and enjoyable with minimal immature babble in vent.

Website: Portal (http://macellarius.forumotion.net)

Server: Mug'thol
Faction: Alliance
Raid Times: 7:00PM -11:00 PM CST. Sun, Tues, Wed
Multiple 10 man groups on off nights

Ulduar 25:13/14 & 4/9 HM

Expectations For Applicants:
-High attendance (With three main raid nights we are looking for players that can be there for every raid)
-Willingness to maximize your character (consumables, full gems, full enchants, maximized PvE talent spec, etc)
-Being knowledgeable of encounters before you get to them (a desire to progress is a must)
-A level of gear and experience that makes you more than a liability in T7+ instances.
-Situational awareness and focus
-Vent is required (working mic please)

While we do expect raiders to do their homework, come prepared, and focus for raids, we have a lot of fun. The guild has a long history together with many members still around from the MC days and it shows. If you're interested, please visit our website at the top of the post. Spend some time reading through our applicant information posts and toss up an app. We look forward to hearing from you!

Current Recruitment Openings:

Full time raid spots:
1 Holy Paladin
1 Feral Druid tank
1 Boomkin
1 Prot Pally

Part time spots:
1 Enhancement Shaman
1 Elemental Shaman
1 Holy/Disc priest
1 Shadow Priest

Loot System
Macellarius uses Loot Council to evenly distribute gear amongst its members. This system is supported by all of our core raiders and has a trustworthy officer group that isn't here to gear themselves first.

If recruited, these are trial periods and you will be competing with several other people for your raid spot. Regardless of openings, we are always looking for exceptional applicants in ALL CLASSES. So if you feel you fit the role and you are a class that we are not actively recruiting, feel free to toss up an application

Contact In Game for questions:

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