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08-17-2009, 10:33 AM
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Hey Guys, started tanking on my DK about 3 months ago and lately I have noticed that I am struggling to maintain threat (single target) on mobs. As someone who is MTing Ulduar/ToC 25 man bosses, this can be a problem.

I just recently moved points into 3/3 Morbidity and 2/2 Unholy Command. I am wondering

-Would it be better to drop those 5 points and pick up Bladed Armor? Dark Conviction? Something else?

-My rotation is IT>PS>BS>BS>OB Keeping Diseases up as much as possible, using Frost Strike to dump my RP. Should I be doing something else?

-Am I missing something with my gear? Am I too focuses on something and missing a key stat? My hit is above 8% so I should be good...right?

Any other suggestions/comments would be appreciated :) Thanks in advance.

08-17-2009, 12:27 PM
Unholy Command is a PvP talent and a waste of points IMO. Bladed Armor is an amazing threat talent. You have two items with bonus armor, giving Bladed Armor even more value. Your expertise is low, very low for a tank.

I personally like single disease with HB glyph for Frost tanking. You don't need to worry about refreshing diseases and tanking groups becomes much easier. I rolled without Morbidity thanks to that glyph.

However, given your concern is single target threat, I'd say max out Bladed Armor and look at more expertise.

08-17-2009, 12:30 PM
If you are having problems with single target threat than i would definatley move those 5 points to bladed armor. For single target those 5 points give you little to nothing. Those are more for aoe because if anything you use DnD to start (i dont suggest it) so you dont need the reduced cd and you dont use dc so thats 3 points not needed and dark command wont be needed because you shouldnt have to be taunting that much and if you do then you have dark command (once again not suggested). Bladed armor gives, i think, around 700ap (dont know now exactly since 3.2) which is a huge boost to threat. Also do you have Rune strike macrod to all your attacks? If not i would look up the macro and use it, it helps alot. Also i would switch out your sigil to the awarness sigil if you have enough surviavability you could easily boost your threat via that sigil. A huge problem might also be your expertise. I would download an addon called recount (if you dont already have it) and click on your name for dps and see your miss/dodge/parry percentage. if those are very high i would regem for some expertise. To get dodge off the table you need 26 points and to get parry off the table i think it is 54.
Good luck
Maveth <Dark Iron>

08-17-2009, 12:42 PM
Going beyond the melee hit cap is excessive; you won't be getting much return from that, especially with a 2h build and even moreso with a rotation based on IT. You should look at a way to drop some hit in favor of expertise. Getting up to at least 26 expertise is going to give drastically better returns than post-hit-cap hit rating, and more rotation stability than pre-hit-cap hit rating (though throughput threat is actually close, as expertise does not help howling blast or rune strike).

As already mentioned, frost tanks tend to use glyph of howling blast to run a single-disease rotation. It frees up an extra global cooldown, which helps counteract the effects of avoided attacks skewing your rotation. If you do choose to stick with a two-disease rotation, I'd recommend at least one point in epidemic to extend your disease duration through a second rune cycle, to reap more obliterates at the two-disease damage level.

Your weapon is obsolete for the content you're in. You should be looking for a 230+ dps weapon as soon as possible. Arena weapons can circumvent the luck factor of raid drops, as well as loot distribution systems. Dual Wield frost may also be a means to increase threat, if you have access to higher item level 1h's. Particularly if you can get access to damage weapons or use damage enchants, the rotation remains unchanged but the throughput threat seems higher from my observations. However, depending on your defense rating from other slots, losing stoneskin gargoyle may not be an option. Furthermore, using damage 1h's or damage runeforges will reduce your survivability - it is a cost tradeoff. Be sure you know the ramifications of your decision!

As for morbidity and dark command - the former has some use for multi-target tanking, though as mentioned already howling blast covers most of that, especially with the glyph. The single target threat return from morbidity is almost null, as you won't be using death coil unless you're at range. Dark Command is only applicable in a few rare scenarios outside pvp, such as sparks on Malygos. It carries minimal value for tanking.


08-17-2009, 05:17 PM
attipark, may i say just one thing, idk if it has been said, but do u use rune strike? thats a great threat builder for single target, spamming that while using other abilities is a great way to hold aggro

08-18-2009, 05:26 AM
Thanks for the great advice. Since I had worldcarver laying around for DPS, I threw Stoneskin on that and am now using it as my new tanking weapon. Rune Strike has always been macro-ed into my abilities, so I dont think that was the issue. I dropped morbidity and unholy command for bladed armor. Ive noticed that I am now putting out a bit more TPS compared to before. Any other suggestions?