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08-16-2009, 09:53 PM
I've posted once awhile back regarding holding threat in heroics and while I've advanced far from that, I'm looking for some final advice/suggestions/tweaks before I hunker down and enter the world of tougher raids. The World of Warcraft Armory (http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Alleria&n=Erode) I am working on heroics to get as many emblems as I can to update head, cape, bracers, belt, legs, boots, and a ring, as well as getting into as many raids as I can for better gear ie. Naxx 25- Wall of Terror, Last Laugh and while I am actively working to keep up w/ the gear struggle, I'm looking for advice on spec, glyphs, gear, stats, gems, suggestions of things that I should run, or helpful hints on where I can pick up some things that would help as I got farther into the raiding world.

Thanks for your time!

08-16-2009, 10:02 PM
Your gear looks decent enough, probably look at getting more hit/expertise: caps being around 26 exp and 8% hit (232 I think off the top of my head). That would help on threat, also consider going glyph of cleaving over sunder armor. Lastly, you mentioned that you're after wall of terror, my advice is while it looks good - it's not actually that great, you're probably better off going for Heroes Surrender (Patchwerk 25m) or Barricade of Eternity (Malygos 10m) both of those are alot better from my understanding.

08-16-2009, 10:04 PM
Enchant your chest with defence, get the better meta (the stamina and 2% armor one), grind your rep up and get the helm enchant from Argent Crusade.

I would drop Glyph of Sunder Armor and get Glyph of Vigilance instead since its a much better threat glyph.

Consider getting Tuskarr's Vitality on your boots since a slightly faster tank is a slightly more efficient tank.

Edit: @Eraser, it used to be in that way that Wall of Terror was an inferior shield to the two other shields you mentioned. But Blizzard "fixed" this by buffing the stats on WoT to match its itemlevel. Its a better effective hp shield than anything else you can find in naxx, its still inferior in avoidance compared to the patch shield and in threat comparing it to the Malygos shield.

08-17-2009, 06:40 AM
Ok, thank you very much!

08-17-2009, 08:09 AM
You could ask a Blacksmith to create an extra socket in your belt, or buy an Eternal Belt Buckle (http://www.wowwiki.com/Eternal_Belt_Buckle) from the Ah. then put a +24 sta gem in it.