View Full Version : [H] Shattered Remnant, LFM Uld 10

08-16-2009, 09:35 PM
Shattered Remnant is under new management and currently in the rebuilding stage.

We are looking for most classes. Asking for Naxx geared players with some Ulduar experience.

The goals at the moment are to progress through Ulduar 10 and eventually start hardmodes. We will then start rotating players out to get more people for our ranks in hopes of eventually moving on to Ulduar 25.

Our current raid days/times are Tuesday-Thursday 7pm-11pm server time (Est). We currently are using a Loot Council system.

We're pretty laid back but like to get the job done. So we are asking for competent players with good attendance. In my opinion skill and attendance are most important, gear will come in time.

Please feel free to apply at shatteredremnant.guildlaunch.com

Thanks and hope to raid with you soon!