View Full Version : [EU-H] Druid tank looking for guild

08-13-2009, 05:28 AM
I am looking for a reasonably progressed raiding guild in need of a druid tank. My current server has very few horde guilds running 25man Ulduar, and even fewer progressing beyond the Keepers and in to CoC. Those that are in that position are well supplied in tanks. Ideally, I would like to raid 3 nights a week with a guild that is working on Ulduar keepers or better in 25man raids, with serious chances of progression.
I have limited experience from TBC, all tier 4 bosses and a couple higher. In WotLK I have cleared Naxx, OS and EoE. In 10man Ulduar I have done up to phase 2 of Yogg-Saron, in 25man I have downed Kologarn and attempted Auriaya. Thanks to 3.2, my gear is catching up quickly, and this seems like the perfect time to find a new guild on a new server.
I can afford consumables and repairs. I am not afraid to wipe. I care more about working as a team and the challenge of the boss than the purple pixels dropped afterwards. I want to learn the hard-modes and challenge myself as a player.
I decided to write an advert for myself rather than apply to guilds, but if you link to your advert or website and I think I could be a good fit for your guild, I am happy to go through any application process you may normally have.
Thanks for reading.