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08-12-2009, 04:54 PM
hi all, im stuck on my druid in that i dnt seem be generating above 3-4k tps. i got my expertise to 25 with food but wondering where can i get some hit. was considering getting titansteel destroyer for the extra boost, any help or gear wud b helpful thanks all

char name is volvýca

08-13-2009, 03:39 AM
any bears here? noticed ingame not many atm.

08-13-2009, 02:48 PM
Taking a look at your Armory..

The 1st thing I noticed that could cause your complaints of low threat generation would be: The Use of a PVP Helm and Two Pieces of the Polar set.

While these pieces are High on stamina. They lack a lot of Avoidance stats and Threat stats.

These 3 Pieces could fairly easily (with some patience) be upgraded though Emblems of Conquest.
You could get the T8.5 Head and Chest. Along with Belt of the Twilight Assassin from Emblems as well.

The Second thing of Note is the Blue weapon.
For Druids a very Large part of our attack power.. which leads to threat comes from our Weapon due to it's massive amounts of feral Attack Power.
The Polearm from the Heroic 5man: ToC may be a worthy Upgrade, though it is not an easy Instance.

Overall... My thoughts would be that you have too much Stamina. And not Enough Agility.
-- But then again I have never been one to stack Stamina.

08-14-2009, 04:19 AM
I had the same problems a couple of weeks ago and I was wearing Polar Chest.

You are even wearing multiple pieces while I only had 1 piece..

Switching to a 'real' chest piece really helped a lot for me, try it! You can always switch back to polar when you feel you need the stamina and the threat won't be a problem!

08-14-2009, 05:56 AM
thanks guys, would it be worth getting the titansteel destroyer for inbetween measures? have been running vh hc for the staff but after 17 runs still no drop :( the pvp head i got as rawr showed it wasnt too bad an item to have and easy to grind.

08-14-2009, 08:47 AM
I am sorry to hear you are getting no luck with it Dropping.

If you have the cash to spare.
Sure you can look at the Titan-steel Destroyer.

But if you would have to grind to come up for it.
May as well go for the: Silvery Sylvan Stave
From Champion's seals.

-- This would partly depend how far along you are in those dailies though..
But you could work on them while Doing VH Every Day..

As for the helm.
Yes we are Limited in helms Pre-Raid -- as there are not many options.
So the PVP one is a good choice until you can get something better from Raid or Emblems. -- I would work on Replacing the Polar pieces first.

08-14-2009, 09:58 AM
Raiding Feral Druid here.

Pre-patch 3.2, the only source of epic helms was as follows

Nax10 T7 helm
Nax25 T7.5 helm
Nax25 Gothik - Tanky type
Nax25 Thaddius - Cat type, serviceable for bears.
Ulduar, etc.

Now that we have Conquest badges, a HIGHLY recommend getting the T8.5 helm from badges FIRST. There are so many maces and staves in nax that you should see some dropping, even if it isn't Origin of Nightmare or Journey's End. I would be HIGHLY surprised if you didn't see anything after 2 runs. Target Plague quarter runs, Heigan is usually kind to feral druids for a variety of reasons, if not BiS for bears.

For expertise, I have a problem getting rid of it from my Nax gear, there's so much of it. Currently in the 40s, looking to bring it back down to 26ish in favour of hit. But again, Nax gear has tonnes of expertise, Ulduar has lots of hit, so its a natural progression as I go from Nax gear to Ulduar gear.

Be prepared to lose that stamina AND armor as you replace Polar stuff, Polar set is also good for armor at ilvl 213. You will be a better tank for it, as you will gain dodge, crit and threat. There's some good gear in ToC as well, to get you going in the meanwhile.

08-14-2009, 04:20 PM
Two big problems as mentioned are the rare weapon and the 2 polar peices.

Weapons scale very fast the amount of feral attack power they give (14AP per dps over 54.8). The argent tourny staff would give you an extra ~240AP just from the higher weapon dmg, the HTOC polearm alot more.

Polar gear is bad sinse it has zero threat as had been already mentioned.

PvP gear isnt the best for threat but its not really that bad and it gives generally the best survivability. Definitely the 2 pieces you wear is not what is giving you really low threat. I use chest/wrist/hands/legs pvp gear and the only time I have threat issues is in the first couple seconds if I dont get hit immediately (standard bear problem). The new WG pants are AMAZING.

The biggest problem I can see is you need more agility. You've stacked alot of stam but no agility, the two stats are about equal for bears (agility is a little better) unless your taking down uld hard modes. Agility gives you dodge and armor while also giving you more crits (which is directly good for threat) and more rage (through primal fury) that can be spend on more mauls and therefore more threat in addition to better savage defense uptime. Agility is the everything stat that all bears should love.

If you have some cash laying around get the Trollwoven Belt, stick an agility gem (or agl/stam) in the belt buckle or grab the HUK one while your waiting for enough EoC for the belt. (keep the polar, max hp sets are still useful). Both trollwoven and HUK belts have alot of expertise as well.

The best use for EoC would be either the Idol (lots of agl that up all the time) or the t8.5 chest. There are no pre-raid epic chests sadly, so unless you can get a tier peice to drop in naxx t8.5 is the only option. I wouldnt worry about your helm till you have a better chest.

For gemming I wouldnt bother with str ever and probably not bother with exp either, always gem agl and stam. Yellow sockets (if you want to match) the best choices are def/stam for max survivability or agl/crit for threat (but still gives very good survivability).