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08-12-2009, 04:48 PM
I'm a pally tank with
defense: 535 using using elixir of mighty def to get over 540
Hit Ratting: 303
Expertise: 19 using deadly strikes helps hear
Looking for some pointers on what to do here with gear ect.
All of my gear is 200 to 200+ rated
I have been running lots of H's to get new bages for newer gear
any pointers would be a bit of help

08-12-2009, 06:20 PM
Link to armory or something?

Chain heroics are good. I got the chest and the helmet doing that. You can find a route to get emblems faster somewhere in the internet, but it counts Occulus and Old Kingdom, which are awful (IMHO). Try to get the normal dungeon daily and the heroic dungeon daily. The normal one will give you one extra emblem at the end while the heroic will give you 2 Emblems of Triumph (it will take some time till you have enough to buy something good, but it's worth trying.)

One thing: Your hit rating is pretty high for a tank. I can tank everything without a problem (including Naxx 25 and VoA 25 -- haven't tried going into Ulduar yet) and I have around 100 hit rating. You could probably switch some of those hit rating by defense rating and not need the elixir.

For the expertise, run Trial of the Champion (the dungeon) a few times. There is a sword and a ring with tanking stats and expertise. Those two and the glyph of Seal of Corruption/Vengeance, you get the soft expertise cap (26.)

ToC is the best option you have. I got the few pieces that weren't good in my old gear there (shoulders, neck, weapon, ring...)

Do some AH shopping. There are two rings (Signet of Earthshaper and Signet of Winter) that can help boost your defense and avoidance. Those were the only pieces I got from the AH (most of the other stuff is BoP, so no one can sell it.)