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I would say that you're the one being frightfully ignorant. You seem to be implying that GC is purposefully letting arms and fury DPS be too low because of there being a lot of Warriors, whereas I said that had nothing to do with it at all. I also never said that Warriors don't have issues, I just said that people are being silly and taking this whole class represenation as a balance factor thing entirely wrong (in my view), and presented my reasoning as to why I felt that way.

not only did I not say or try to imply what you are saying, buy you never, ever mentioned fury or arms in this whole thread.
I fail to understand your reasoning to chalange me on my thoughts when they have nothing to do with some subjective retardation on your part.
if you want to argue, that's fine. but at least let it be about something I've said or you said, and clearly...YOU ARE NOW MAKING SHIT UP!

That'd almost make sense, except the ability to heal would also increase the number of people playing that class, and it also doesnt explain why there are more paladin tanks than bear tanks.

who's to say that the numbers of druids are not inflated due to that they can heal already?
I mean realy, where do you get your made up delutions from?

There's loads of expertise on ToC gear. Check my new chestpiece for example. And the block issues are probably even worse for paladins since block rating over the cap does zip.

OMG, 1 item??????
look, I'm not bitching about gear, druids are. let's keep this argument realistic.
of the few prot wars that are bitching about exp on tanking gear, they too have a ligitamit reason for saying what they are...but in the end, so what.

wow, get a life.