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08-08-2009, 05:13 PM
since the 3.2 patch my heals have become horrible i was pretty good on the meter and i was always in the top three of over all heals and I am having trouble with the new spec and the heal rotation. I am a MT healer but if needed I can spec into raid heals. I am in mostly 7.5 and I have a few pieces from Ulduar 10 right now my rotation is regrowth...rejuv...lifebloom and then nourish....

I tend to raid about 3 to 4 days a week depending on how fast we can clear Naxx25 and i am only 18 badges way from my first tier 8 piece...

Is there a gear difference between MT heals and raid heals? if there is what stats do i need to focus on to become a better MT healer? I want to improve but i am so confused on how to improve...any insight would be awesome :)

08-09-2009, 10:40 AM
Hi there,

I scanned your gear and it looks really good. I noticed though that it's showing empty sockets on your chest piece. I'd recommend a spellpower and haste (red and yellow slots). I also say you don't seem to have spellthread in your legs. You're also able to have a BS add another socket to your belt. Your spellpower looks great, I'd go with mp5 or haste. I'm leaning towards haste because your mana regent looks really nice too. Your crit chance looks good as well.

In your spec I'd lose the Natural Perfection, and Moonglow for Improved Tranquility (this has saved my raid a few times) and you should get Naturalist as well. Nature's Swiftness also isn't that big a deal. I know some swear by it, but it's not that hard to pop off a Rejuvenation & Swiftmend combo when health gets really low. I also recommend maxing Tranquil spirit rather than spending the points in balance for the same effect. The mana cost difference is and extra 1% in Tranquil spirit.

For glyphs, I'n not sure why you have glyph of Dash in your Resto spec, but I'd replace that with a healing glyph. I have gluph of thorns from when I was leveling resto, but I'm trading it off soon for the new Druid glyph (I think it's Regrowth).

Your haste looks a little low and may slow your heals down. My main (and Tree) is Galurana on Ysera and my haste sits at 355 to yout 316. Just a thought :-)

Alot of it depends on your spells and how they're used though, you may have to change things up a little to see what works best.

Good luck!

08-09-2009, 12:33 PM
yeah i just got my t8 piece this morning and was waiting for a guildie to cut some epic gems so thats why there werent any gem in there hehe
yeah i noticed my haste went down and i have an enormus mana regen pool :p i replaced some gems today with SP + haste i am gonna replace one the other SP + int when my hubby gets home from work and pray that he has the SP + haste in an epic :)

the dash is a minor glyph and there are no minor healing glyphs that i am aware of...again i will have to ask my hubby that one too hehe

but as for spec i thought putting all talents into one talent spec was kind of a no-no that is what everyone has taught me lol...but i will consider making some changes :)

08-09-2009, 03:35 PM
You are correct that putting all points in Resto is a big no-no. Even if you are not going for Celestial Focus (for example, assuming you raid has enough haste buffs to get you to the soft haste cap), you would not want to miss on Genesis, Moonglow and Nature's Splendor. You say you are having trouble healing after the patch, but 3.2 has changed very little: It has nerfed the size of the LB Bloom and has improved Empowered Touch by adding Nourish to it. So, you should have seen very little difference.

I would not base your conclusion on meters. There's several more changes in the combat log that may cause meters to simply read differently than what you were used to prior to 3.2 (for example, I believe now HoT ticks above full health do appear as over-heals). You say you are MT healing, so your effectiveness is measured by your ability to keep the MT up. Have you noticed any differences there?

The most commonly used approach to tank healing for druids is to keep a full stack of HoTs and spam Glyphed Nourish. With the improvement to Empowered Touch, you may want to consider picking it up if you don't have it already. Also, if you are going to be Nourish spamming, consider investing in Nature's Grace and use a Mod that clearly shows the Proc (as now you only have 3 secs to use it for another Nourish or a regrowth). I personally like Power Auras for that.