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08-06-2009, 04:28 PM
Hello...long time reader/lurker first time poster...gotta say first off love the site, very helpful, anyway...

I've been reading about Shield Spec and how awesome it is. I ran Heroic VH yesterday and noticed that I didn't seem to have as many rage issues as I normally do in heroics, although at certain times I did(mainly solo pulls or the first couple seconds of a boss).

I'm only running 2/5 Shield Spec though. Is it worth speccing into 5/5? I've heard 5/5 is AMAZING but I just don't know what to spec out of. I was thinking possibly Deep Wounds but I don't know how much of a threat loss that would be.

Here's a link to my Armory:

The World of Warcraft Armory (http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Arygos&n=Arterius)

08-06-2009, 04:42 PM
I skipped focused rage for 5/5 Shield Spec. Basically in a raid scen you're talking:

- At least 1 hit per 2 seconds = 5 hits per 10 seconds
- You have about 50% avoidance or more (2-3 hits should be avoided per 10 seconds)
- If you are hit, rage is in general a non-issue
- Outputting 1 ability per 1.5 seconds = 7 abilities per 10.5 second

The above should translate into:

a) You are missed 3 times and gain 15 rage / ≈10s if you have shield spec
b) You use 7 abilities and save 21 rage / ≈10s if you have focused rage

The second part however requires you to actually have the rage to use the abilities. Saving rage and gaining is are two different aspects… From my experience of two raid-days Shield Spec beats Focused Rage in smooth tanking. My DPS / threat output is much greater than before due to this, the devastate change and AttT.

08-06-2009, 06:30 PM
I remember a post somewhere on tankspot with a lot of complicated scary looking math that came to the conclusion that focused rage was a more valuable talent for rage then shield spec, point for point, at least on paper. I haven't a clue if the math was right, or even where I saw the post at this point.

Personally I'm trying out 4/5 shield spec. I'll see how that goes, getting to 5/5 gives up stuff I don't like to give up.

08-06-2009, 06:57 PM
Focused Rage is a superior talent for boss encounters. If you're doing AoE trash you'll get plenty of use from Shield Spec. The basic math behind it is that you use two abilities per GCD that Focused Rage will save 3 rage on each, for a total of 6 rage per GCD (assuming fast weapon). Most bosses do not swing every single GCD, and even if they do it's only 5 rage, and that is assuming you are at 100% block/dodge/parry. A warrior in decent gear can be expected to have roughly 60% proc on Shield Spec so a mobwith a swing speed of 3 seconds will give you 10 rage on average over the course of 9 seconds, vs the 36 rage you'd have saved from Focused rage. On multiple mobs, three for example, you'd get 30 rage over the 9 seconds at 3s swing speed, and still 36 rage from Focused Rage. Basically if you're tanking 4 mobs or more and you don't want to take Shield Block into account Shield Spec is better than Focused Rage. With Shield Block considered 3 mobs and Shield Spec is about on par with Focused Rage.

My personal opinion is to keep the DW spec for boss fights, or your favorite survival spec, and use Shield Spec for trash pulls, farming, and low level instances.

08-07-2009, 03:12 AM
Click wowcharacters under my name for Gumurak. This is the build I've been using for my tanking set since the patch. it has worked out quiet nicely for me.

08-10-2009, 12:54 AM
Point per point Focused Rage will save you more rage than Shield Spec. will generate. The "problem" is you're comparing something that gives and something that saves you rage.

Since patch 3.2 I've felt less in zero rage situation compared to before likely due to Shield Spec. As someone stated on Elitist Jerks the talent seems to make you able to use every GCD more often than Focused Rage, even if the later is far more efficient at saving you rage.

Mobs normally hit every 2 seconds or faster so I'm not sure about your figures Petninja. Some real-life figures:

Looking at our Steelbreaker kill last night I did:
- Roughly 250 offensive abilities. 3/3 focus raged would have saved me 750 rage
- Shield Specialization gave me 290 rage back

Looking at our Hodir kill last night I did:
- Roughly 185 offensive abilities. 3/3 focus raged would have saved me 555 rage
- Shield Specialization gave me 185 rage back

Still as stated, Shield Specialization helps in the lows, Focus Rage is just saving you rage when you spam your buttons (i.e. there is a risk of rage starvation when no hits are incoming OR you're at infinite rage hence saving you rage does nothing for you).

The spec Gumurak link imo is the most "all-round" rage-effective build you can have.