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08-03-2009, 06:58 PM
About Us/Goals: Sad Panda was created back in burning crusade when all it did was 10 man kara, then built up to do 25s. We kept the core of our raiders, the officers and GM are basically the same since day1. We are highly respected as a Guild on our server and wish to keep it this way. We had some server firsts, we are tied for 1st place on our server, alliance side and want to push to be top. Of course we arent anything special when it comes to progression compared to other servers, but we enjoy what we do. We have 30 Fragments of Val'anyr and working on getting our first mace. One of our 10s are up to Agalon which has there Protos. and our 25 knocked out XT hardmode and 4 towers FL which has been 4+ Times. Our Goal is to Hit The Coliseum when 3.2 comes out and hit it hard but still keep ulduar in our raiding lineup.Problem is with Summer and people with schedule changes It has kept us from progression faster so we need to build up what is missing in our raiding lineup, and hopefully find some good long term additions.

We take raiding seriously and frown on people who dont have a valid excuse for not making raid. We recruit to have raiders, raiders that know the class and show up, If you cant show up simply send one of the officers an ingame mail so we know, thats all we ask. We keep drama to a minimum and this is why we are Highly respected. If you have an issue with some1 or something talk to an officer and not just get up and gquit or cause Trouble, here we like to discuss things. We do officer meetings weekly and guild meetings when necessary to see whats on players minds for ideas/Suggestions to better help the guild as a whole.

Rules: make sure you are flasked/food Buffed know how to enchant and gem your gear. Always ask questions!! If it deals with a boss fight we will give you an explanation and tell you what your job is. When the explanation is done You can proceed to ask further questions if you still dont understand but dont interupt us while we are explaining. keep vent silent during encounters, we do not want any unnecessary chatter. When a Boss dies do not loot until the master looter says its ok. reason being people DC die etc, once everyone is back online and alive then we loot.

Classed Needed: 1Dedicated skilled Hunter and Feral DPS for main raid spots.

Server Info: Realm:Madoran. Server Type: Normal, Population: Medium, Timezone: Central Time.

Raid schedule (Central Time Zone): Mondays-Thursdays, Invites go out at 6:30pm First pull is at 7:00PM and raid ends at 11:00PM.

DKP: we do use a dkp type loot system, easier to explain over vent then making this here post longer :)

If Interested Send a application at Home : Sad Panda - US - Madoran - World of Warcraft - Guild Launch Guild Hosting (http://madoransadpanda.guildlaunch.com) and Get a hold of me ingame mail, Private message i check my stuff Frequenty for A verbal interview, because nothing can beat the word of mouth. Ingame name is Geistreiter hopefully hear/see from you soon.