View Full Version : [H] PVE-US AoE Donkey Bombers Looking for Tanks/He

07-31-2009, 11:08 AM
AoE Donkey Bombers is an Earthen Ring based 10 man guild. Our existing member base is comprised of exceptionally geared and highly skilled raiders who have cleared a majority of Ulduar 25. We're looking for a few more mature gamers to fill our ranks. At the moment we have open spots for Tanks, DPS, and Heals.

Let's face it a majority of us have lives outside of this game. Our intention is to raid and make progress through 10 man content fast and efficiently so that we can spend our remaining time doing whatever makes us happy. Our raiding times are scheduled in the evenings of Sunday through Thursday.

We have a tightly knit group right now, and need a few more recruits to solidify our 10-man. My intention is to grow the guild to sustain 2 10-man runs, with the potential for a 25s.

Raid Times
Sun-Thurs: 8pm EST - Midnight

Please visit our site at AoE Donkey Bombers (http://aoedb.com) and app with us if you are looking to play with good intelligent players, or if you simply would like to be a donkey.