View Full Version : [A][H] Looking for Guild

07-30-2009, 03:59 PM
Hey everyone,
I am in the US ARMY and I'm recently redeploying back to Alaska. I have a level 80 Death Knight ( Horde side tank and or dps) whichever is needed. I have a level 70 Warrior (Alliance tank), and a mid level 70 Warlock (Horde).

I'm looking to get back into raiding, though due to the 4 hour time difference with my EST Guild on Earthen Ring it's a bit difficult. I am willing to transfer over to a different server. Seeing that I am not on a pvp server I am not able to transfer my characters to one.

Though anyone who is looking for an experienced player and very quick at learning and adapting, then I'm your man.

My IM/Email is phillyborn20@yahoo.com

So hit me up there or on here, i will be checking in between now and my return to the US.