View Full Version : [A] US-Korgath - <Pantheon> LFM Raiders 13/14 Uld

07-29-2009, 07:53 AM
Pantheon is looking to add a few more raiders to our roster in preparation for the Crusader's Colosseum (Patch 3.2).

We reached and downed Yogg with relative ease after a little guild restructuring, and now are taking it easy farming it out to prepare for the next patch. During this time we are looking for potential new talent in this less-than-stressful time.

If you are skilled and reliable, Pantheon would like to talk to you. Please click the link on the left and fill out an application.

Our current needs are:

1 Mage
1 Enhancement Shaman
1 Boomkin
1 Resto Shaman
1 Feral Druid

However, we are, as always, constantly reviewing all exceptional apps. Please feel free to drop an app in case a spot opens up for your class!

More Info: Pantheon raids start at 7:15 CST Tue/Wed/Thurs and Monday while progressing through new content, with less nights once content is on farm. We expect our raiders to attend nearly all of our raids while progression is underway. Loot is handled by zero-sum DKP. If you have an issue with either of these two things, perhaps Pantheon isn't for you.

Please do not reply to this thread. Instead, visit pantheon-korgath.com and click the link to apply. (Registration required.)