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Whiskey Brigade of EREDAR, recruiting Main Raiders for Ulduar and beyond

About Whiskey Brigade:

Whiskey Brigade was created Pre-BC, but didn't become a raiding guild till BC. We went from a guild that was VERY casual at the beginning of BC, to being one of the top guilds on the server by BC's end. Whiskey Brigade is a serious raid guild. We don't have any strict rules or any harsh policies to follow, we only ask that you put out a lot of dps/hps and can stay alive and not wipe the raid. We do things at our own pace but always progress very quickly, without being "Hardcore" 60 hour a week raiders. As long as you play well, stay alive, know the fights and get along you can find some GREAT people here to play with. However if you are a bad player, or if you don't fit what we are looking for, you will only waste your time and ours. We are very nice, but we won;t waste your time, and expect the same in return. NO TIME WASTERS!!!

Our loot system is a "Time-in-Grade" system. Basically, if it is your first few raids with us, you probably won't get much. (There are exceptions of course) If you're willing to put in some time and show up to raids regularly and preform well, you will get geared up asap. Basically we are looking for quality people that are not loot hungry. We give gear to benefit the raid group, not to satisfy egos.

We have every boss on farm, and just need consistent players to make hard modes happen. Unfortunately when summer hit, we lost a large chunk of our core main raiders to various things, and now find ourselves very short handed. We have done many of the harder achievements and just need a few more great players to join us on our way through to Icecrown.

Whiskey Brigade is a great home for anyone interested in playing at a very high level with some very skilled players and having a low pressure, high success atmosphere. If you are a great raider looking for a new home full of great players, we are looking for you. If you are an outstanding player that WANTS to raid with a dedicated, VERY good, well established guild. Please consider making Whiskey Brigade your new home.

* ATM Our raid time is ~9:30-2am EST. We raid during the week Sun-Thurs, with weekends off. 10 man's are done on the off days.

What we need:

- Druids (Resto and Feral tank)
- Priests (healing kind)
- Warlocks (Demonology)
- Shaman (Healer and Elemental)
- Rogues
- High dps mage
- Any dedicated, good player that wants to apply please to do, all great players will be considered.
If you are a great player we can find a place for you.

You must:

- KNOW the fights and take the time to watch the videos that are all over the internet. With all the information available, there is no excuse for not knowing the fights in progression instances. If you don't have the time to learn them, please do not apply.
- Know what gems/enchants are best for your class and spec.
- Show up on time for raids with there flasks, food, and money for repairs.
- Be respectful of people in the guild; we are not a guild of punks, most of us are on the mature side and don't want G-chat filled with stupid babble.
- Have a good sense of humor and know when to joke and laugh but also when to be silent and focus on the goal at hand.

What NOT to do:

- Stand in clouds, death beams, eye beams, moon beams, fail at the Safety Dance, Evocate on Gen Vezex, and take peoples brain portals.
- Only log on for Tuesday farm night.
- Have crappy internet w/ constant d/c's.
- Talk a lot, but never listen.
- Be loot hungry and bitch and moan about loot.
- Be mouthy on the Wow forums; no one like a loud mouth jerk:)

For any questions about applying to Whiskey Brigade pst Trazgul, Saintofwar, or Philosophist in game on the Eredar realm or post an app on Whiskey Brigade (http://www.wbofwow.com)

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