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07-28-2009, 08:23 AM
Forsaken Sunrise is a casual raiding guild on the US Arathor server. We're currently looking for more raiders for our 25 man raids at 5 PM PST and our 10-man raid group at 8:30 PM PST.

We're currently 8/14 on 25-man and 12/14 on 10-man.

The 5pm (25-man) raid group is currently recruiting all classes and specs.

The 8:30pm (10-man only) raid group is currently in need of a ranged dps with a preference for a mage or destruction warlock who can attend all of the scheduled raid times. We're working on Yogg-Saron and would prefer raiders who already know the fights. The late night group currently runs Tues-Friday. If you're interested in running in the late raids, please contact Randyflagg in-game or email wowrandyflagg _at_ gmail.com.

All new applicants should have Naxx-10 or better gear with appropriate gems and enchants. With the release of patch 3.2, we will begin expecting new raiders to farm 5 man heroics or Naxx/OS/EoE in order to acquire upgrades that are purchaseable with Emblems of Conquest.

Because Forsaken Sunrise is a casual guild, we do not have specific raid attendance requirements (although regular attendance is required for Veteran rank) and are accomodating to people with real-life responsibilities. We do, however, expect our raiders to be prepared for raids and to know how to play their class and role.

Apply Online at: Forsaken Sunrise - WowStead (http://fsr.wowstead.com)