View Full Version : [A-US-PVE] <DnD> (Dalaran) 12/14 Ulduar Recruiting

07-24-2009, 12:36 PM
Deities and Demigods (US-Alliance-Dalaran) are looking to sure up a few full time raid spots for our 25 man Ulduar raid team (currently working on Yogg stage 2). We are considering applications from all classes and specs however we will be looking more for DPS and healer specs. If you think you would be interested in trying us out, contact Feklar in game to arrange a date and time to tag along as a trial raider. We raid on Tuesday (at 8:30pm EST), Thursday (at 8:30pm EST) and Sunday nights (at 8:00pm EST). Our raid team is made up of a mature group people who enjoy the team experience raiding raiding has to offer and our main focus is progression in the 25 man content (including hard modes). You can get more information by going to our website at www.WoWDaD.net (http://www.wowdad.net/).

We are looking for mature players who are focused progressing in the 25 man content along with doing all they can to bring their best effort to the raid.

More info can also be found here: Wowraid Guild Recruitment - Deities and Demigods - US-Dalaran (http://wowraid.com/recruitment/id995/Deities-and-Demigods-US-Dalaran)

- Fek