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07-24-2009, 10:22 AM
Dulce Bellum is a 10 man progression guild. Focused on downing bosses and having fun doing it. At the end of a raid the questions should be "Did we have fun?" "Did we make stuff dead?" and "How can we be better next time."

We are primarily a guild of rerolls, so although we are still tweaking final gear from Naxx, the runs are fast and simple. We run Sarth2D weekly, as well as VoA 10. We have completed several Ulduar bosses.
Loot is on a main spec roll system, off spec (dual specs) may roll if no main needs. Unclaimed items go to guild.

App at Home : Dulce Bellum - US - Terokkar - World of Warcraft - Guild Launch Guild Hosting (http://dulce.guildlaunch.com/)

Are you?:

* Incredibly clever or sassy
* Able to tackle raid instances in a single bound
* Can eloquently recite eight million reasons why his or her talent spec is the best suited for raiding
* Enjoys constructive and informed praise and criticism
* Min/maxes his or her performance to a degree that most consider ridiculous
* Yearns to diligently raid four nights a week and collect sweet epix
* Has a boner for Malygos and agrees that Kologarn has a certain panache
* Knows that Ur is an ancient city, not a word
* Is ready to persevere through possibly painful progression in Ulduar?
* Understand the concept of a communal guild and is willing to contribute
* Values the fun and social aspects of a cohesive and successful group

Looking for a very limited number of players from specific classes and specs to join us in our raiding endeavors. Please see our class needs listed below. Even if it says that a particular class or spec is closed, you may feel free to apply, as we will always consider exceptional players of any class. If we are recruiting your class and spec, and you are interested in joining, please read our guild rules, located in the members forum.




Raid times are Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon at 8:00 p.m. Vent required
On nights without scheduled raids we typically run retro-raids, find stupid achievements to accomplish, work on trade skills or just plain goof off

Communal guild, with each member supporting the others. Repairs, consumables and trade skills are all provided in-house at no charge. If you are not willing to contribute to the guild, this is not the place for you.

Most importantly, we raid with no pants.
Our focus is to build a core 10-man Ulduar progression guild. Achievements, titles, mounts and loots are the best rewards for a job well done.

We value kindness, fair play, and respect for others over loot or in-game success. Our policies work toward ensuring a positive environment in which everyone can enjoy the fruits of our labor.

10-man Naxxramas
10-man OS (1 drake)
10-man OS (2 drakes)
10-man Eye of Eternity
10-man Flame Leviathan
10-man Razorscale
10-man Ignis the Furnace Master
10-man XT-002 Deconstructor
10-man Kologarn
10-man Auriaya