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07-24-2009, 04:41 AM
Fused - Danish Horde Guild – Magtheridon - EU - Website: fused.dk

About Fused
Fused is a serious Danish horde Pve-guild on Magtheridon-EU. We have been around since the release of Wrath of the Lich King. In the spring of 2009 we had a major structural overhaul of the guild and its members. We are now seeing the changes made, and we are very happy with the result.
We are different from other serious endgame guilds by only raiding 25HCs three days a week during progress.

We put pride in our preparation on new encounters. We prepare ourselves by, amongst other things, spending a lot of time outside our raids to read up on the encounter and discussing them. In the future we will also be setting up raids on the PTR-realm, when new boss encounters are to be tested. This is a very good opportunity for us to get a good head start when the patch hits the live servers.

Our goals
Two goals are of major concern for us; Player happiness and effective raids.

Our vision and mission
We want to be amongst the best pve-guilds in Denmark and stay there.

Raid progression
Our actual progression status can always been seen on our homepage.

You want to know more?
There’s a lot more information about our guild, our goals and our vision on our homepage. The information on the homepage is written in Danish.

What are we looking for?
We are always looking for new skilled players for our raid team. On our homepage you will find an updated list of what classes we are especially looking for. If your class isn’t on our wanted-list, don’t hold back with the application. We always have spots for exceptional players.

Our demands!
In order to have a tight and compact raid core we value that our members are active and loyal. That also means we have very high demands for our raiders.
- You MUST be able to raid Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday
- You need to have many years of experience with raiding in wow
- You need to be mature, min. 18 (20+ is better)
- You need to a hard-on for endgame raiding
- You need a PVE relevant main spec and dual spec if necessary
- You must be “entry level Ulduar(25)”-geared
- Attendance must be close to 100 %.
- You prepare before raids
- You need to be able to use Ventrilo (speak+listen)
- You know and use relevant raid add-ons

The length of the trial period is individual from player to player. It can take from one week and up.
Even though we think we have a really thorough screening process, both you and us, need to get to know each other. You will be evaluated on your performance in and out of raids. It’s not just your skills in wow we evaluate, but even more your abilities as a person and how you fit into our guild. In the same period you will also have the opportunity to evaluate us and at any time say farewell and goodbye if our guild is not for you. You need to make sure you feel right at home, before you accept to stay.

We have created an application form we would like you to fill out. It’s a good idea to spent some time filling it out. Vi read a lot of application and we can easily spot if you’ve put some time into it or not.

Application process
The officers of your class will contact you if they need further information. Normally this is done in your application thread. You will either be declined with a short explanation as to why, or you will be called in for a more thorough discussion on Ventrilo or in game.
We try to make the application and fast and smooth as possibly, but we ask you to have some patience during the process. We often have several applications at time and the often prolong the process.

Best regards
Fused, Magtheridon-EU