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07-23-2009, 08:00 PM
[Alliance][Echo Isles] <Cynical> 4/9 HM Looking for More
<Cynical> is looking to boost our raiding core for the remainder of Ulduar, and beyond. We are an Alliance progression guild on Echo isles PVE.
We are specifically looking for:
- Mage
- Resto / Balance Druid
- Resto/Enhance Shaman (same)
- Exceptional DPS of any class
Along with the hard modes we have completed, we are very close on the remaining five , currently on Algalon 10 and completed Glory of the Ulduar Raider, and are highly ranked in overall achievements. We pride ourselves in working to get achievements done for all of our main raiders, even the accessory achievements.
We raid four days a week, Sunday through Thursday, from 7:00 central time to 10 central. We occasionally go as late as Eleven Server but it is rare, and we never go later.
Cynical is an adult guild with a mature raid environment, we tend to have a quiet and composed Vent environment and we approach all encounters from a cautious, theorycrafting perspective. We expect the best of our players and continually work to improve our roster.
We do not recruit for the "bench" and we mean it; if you apply, expect to be thrust into hard mode encounters immediately and expect to maintain high attendance.
Please read our application section here:
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