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07-23-2009, 04:22 PM
We need:

We are looking for players who still consider themselves hardcore gamers who find that the serverís raid guilds and raid times donít fit their schedule when having to deal with real life, and family commitments. We plan on organizing raids on set schedules and maximizing what we accomplish in a shorter window to allow more time for real life to happen. We will have three scheduled raids per week. Not to say we wonít raid other dungeons on off nights (if we have the numbers) but we will keep to the schedule for planned events.

The Guild:

We are long time residents of Aegwynn and have been members and officers in various guilds since pre-Burning Crusades. Our guild however is newly formed and is lead by a group of real life friends from Texas. The guild leader and officers are all over 30, so you must be 18+ to apply.
1. You must be willing to conduct yourself in a mature, honorable, and respectful fashion in dealings with other players, especially your guild mates.
2. When not raiding, we expect guild members to do whatever in the game they like to do. When it comes time to raid, we expect and demand things get serious.
3. Follow orders; if an Officer tells you to jump into a fiery pit of lava, jump into the fiery pit of lava. If this action causes a wipe, it is the Officer's or Raid Leader's fault for giving the order, not yours for disobeying it. This is not to say you cannot disagree with strategy and set forth suggestions, but strategy is discussed before and after Raids, not during. That time is focused on execution.
4. You must know your class and how it fits in a group.
5. Failure to respect the rules set forth in guild raids/groups can result in your removal from the group and possibly from the guild.
6. You must dedicate yourself to the advancement of guild goals. The good news is, here, you will have input to those goals as a member. Cognition is led by Ozymandius but he always listens to his members thoughts before setting direction.
7. While we enjoy having a good time, we expect players to treat raiding with us like a commitment.
8. Ideally Recruits should have experience with raiding (10 and 25-man content) and be working towards wearing near best-in-slot for their respective experience level. However, the guild is more concerned with your skill as a player then we are with your current gear level.
9. We will raid three times a week beginning at 8:30pm to 11:00pm CST (server time) Weekends we may start early or go later. (We will run raids any time we have the numbers so long as it will not create a conflict with a scheduled raid.) Invites start at 8:15pm and we expect members to be in the zone, and ready to pull at 8:30.


We plan to begin with 10-Man content and move into 25-Man as quickly as membership and gear allows. Guild leadership has experience in 10-Man and 25-Man content.

General Requirements:

If you sign up to a raid you show up. We are ok if you canít make every raid so long as youíre ok with those that are able to commit more time being geared first followed by those who make it less often. The minimal number of raids per week is 1.
We roll loot between all that can use as upgrade for main spec then off spec. All loot awarded to guild members will be tracked. The officers having the right to make sure loot gets distributed to all members. If you have won several items and it has been weeks since someone else has won anything, you may be asked to not roll on an item so other people can also share in the spoils. There could be extremely rare times Guild advancement (not player need) could result in loot being awarded to a specific person.

What does that mean?

It means that 98% of the time we will have everyone who wants the item roll for it. The other 2% of time we will award the loot to a specific person. This will happen when a particular drop is a progression piece for a main tank or in the instance where we feel a reward is due to a specific player for his dedication to the guild. Everyone will get every item they want eventually. The more dedicated to the guild you are the faster you will see those items

More Information available at Guild Website.

Apply at:
Congition.guildlaunch.com (http://cognition.guildlaunch.com) (Read the 'Stickies' in the Public Forum to learn more about us and then see the ĎApply to Guildí link on the left toolbar) - we will set up a time to meet with you on vent or in game to talk about your application.

If you have any questions, contact any officer in game.
Guild Leader: Ozymandius
Officers: Lavalle, Coldgin, Klavin, Missappear