View Full Version : H-US Hydraxis Forsaken Guild Looking for New Blood

07-22-2009, 01:03 PM
Forsaken has recently restructured and we are looking for new members. We will accept mature players of any class/level but we are specifically looking to rebuild our level 70+ ranks. We would love to have more tanks and healers.

Up until recently we were clearing 10 man Naxx weekly and working towards 25 man Naxx. Our goal is to help get members geared and ready to run Naxx again and then, of course Ulduar.

Our guild is aimed at having fun while playing so if you are an intense player who takes things too seriously, this may not be the guild for you. ;)

We have tabard, 6 tab guild bank and Vent. Feel free to reply to this post or send Ratchett, Dismay or Sweetwish an in-game whisper or in-game mail or visit us at Forsaken : Home : World of Warcraft Guild Powered by GuildPortalâ„¢ Guild Hosting (http://guildforsaken.guildportal.com)