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The Exiled is now recruiting!

Guild Website: The Exiled of Nordrassil (http://theexiled.guildomatic.com/)

The Exiled is a new guild founded of friends from previous guilds from Nordrassil aiming to join the ranks of World of Warcraft's raiding community, but to do this we need you! We are a US guild on the US servers, located on the west coast.

The guild takes a serious stance towards raiding and expects it's members to play to the best of their current ability and improve as we continue raiding.

As stated earlier The Exiled is a new guild and needs many members before we are able to begin 25 man raiding. We currently have a 10 man group progressing through ulduar while we build up our forces! We are seeking for players who not only have experience but players who wish to get into a raiding guild but have not had the opportunity to due to various issues.

Current Classes Needed:
Death Knight: Tanks Only
Druid: All Specs
Hunter: Closed
Mage: Open
Paladin: Retribution and Protection Open/Holy Closed
Priest: All Specs
Rogue: Open
Shaman: All Specs
Warlock: Open
Warrior: All Specs

Our raid times are as listed below:
Sunday: 7-11 PM [PST]
Tuesday: 7-11 PM [PST]
Thursday: 7-11 PM [PST]

We highly understand the importance of real life over raiding. We all have lives outside of the game as well and are highly considerate of your time and effort put into raiding with us.

If you have any questions feel free to pop on to Nordrassil and ask any of the officers a question. (Xune, Lyion, Rinhoa, Oen, Avnas, and Terribles)
We are a US guild on the US servers, located on the west coast.

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