View Full Version : (A)Roadkill|Lightning's Blade recruiting

07-21-2009, 05:37 PM
Roadkill(EU) is looking for a few awesome players for casual 10man raiding,
focus on Ulduar. We are mostly in need of a few more good healers.
Already geared with +Naxx10 gear would be great since
many of us are tired of Naxx, except for a few Undying achievment tries.
We try raiding a couple of times a week depending on attendance...
We do not currently have a plan to expand into a 25man guild.
Want to keep it simple, fun and casual, but able to do hard mode..

Roadkill is based on a group of IRL friend, most are good raiders
and have a history of raiding dating back to pre-tbc.
Our dear raidleader as cleared whole Ulduar25.
We are all currently swedish players but by all means no kids,
our youngest member is 19.
But being swede is not a requirement, but there might be
alot of swedish going on.

So the requirments:
Healer or healer dualspec

Good player(reading tactics, know your class, come prepared etc)

Decent gear, no all blue/green.

It's a casual friendly guild so we do not require you to be
able to raid 5 days a week, we like people with a life
outside wow...even tho some of us don't...

Be off good age, we want a mature guild envoirment, no kids,
don't want people jumping off raids cause their parents,
if you know what I mean...

Contact Looken, Aliye, Axex, Yei or Cerasdriath if interested.