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07-20-2009, 11:37 PM
Enigma is currently recruiting mature and committed members to join our end game raiding teams. We have a relaxed environment when raiding with a firm goal on progression.
Despite our relaxed raiding environment, we are a progressive raiding guild, currently ranked 10 in the realm and are seeking active and experienced raiders to join us in completing the final Ulduar bosses, hard modes and up and coming content in Patch 3.2.

Our raid Progression is summarized below;

25 man
12/14 Ulduar
15/15 Naxx
1/1 Vault of Archavon
1/1 Obsidium Sanctum
2/3 drakes Sartharion
1/1 Eye of Eternity

10 man
12/14 Ulduar
15/15 Naxx
1/1 Vault of Archavon
1/1 Obsidium Sanctum
1/1 Eye of Eternity

We are actively recruiting for the following classes for our raiding teams,;

Death Knights 1 Ulduar Geared Main Tank, 2 x Ulduar Ready DPS
Druids - 1 Feral Tank, Geared from Naxx 25
Hunters Currently Closed
Mages 1 Ulduar Ready,
Paladins - 1 Ulduar ready Holydin
Priest 1 shadow + 1 discipline, both should be Ulduar ready
Rogue - Closed
Shaman Closed
Warlocks Closed
Warriors 2 Ulduar Ready DPS

Our current raid schedule;
Wednesday - 25 Man Ulduar (Farm Bosses, Hard Modes)
Thursday - 25 Man Ulduar (Farm Bosses, Hard Modes)
Friday - Free Night, Pre- Naxx or TBC Raid
Saturday - Free Night
Sunday - 10 Man Ulduar (Normally 2 Teams)
Monday - 10 Man Ulduar (Normally 2 Teams)
Tuesday - 25 Man Progression Boss

About us
We are a friendly guild, with a serious raiding element, which means we normally raid 4 or 5 nights a week.
Our progression raids are focused, well planned and all we all work hard to improve ourselves and the raid as a team.
On nights when no official raid is planned we do achievement and gear runs, old school raids and Premade's, generally anything thats relaxed.
The age of our membership varies from Late Teen's to the decrepit, with the officer core being mature and experienced raiders.

What we offer ;
We have an extensively stocked Guild Bank, which provides discounted flasks for guild raids, materials for enchants and all unallocated BoE items from our Ulduar Raids.
On most guild scheduled raids the guild bank provides Fish Feasts, thank to our extensive gathering network of members.
In addition we also send raid reminders out via our Guild Twitter account

What we expect from your character;
You have a level 80 character with a spec you understand and can play well (you may be asked to develop or change your offspec in order to give flexibility to raid teams).
Your gear must be Ulduar ready and is properly enchanted and gemmed to its maximum potential
You can raid a at least of 3 of our current raid nights, up to 00:00 server time.
Your raid experience is on the character thats applying and not on an alt or other character on another realm
This is your main character and not an Alt.

What the person behind the :
You are a mature player (even if you are young) with common sense and are able to take constructive criticism.
You don't have any problems understanding and writing understandable English.
You can stay focused for a given period of time and be able to listen to raid leaders on Ventrilo.
You are a team player

In General:
Your internet connection should be stable and computer capable of handling end game content. We use Ventrilo a lot, so please ensure you have a headset with microphone, or equivalent setup. We are an easy going bunch of like minded players, if you enjoy killing bosses and seeing end game content and playing within a team Enigma is the right place for you.

This is what we expect to see from a trial:
You will be expected to under-go a 2 week trial where your raiding, social and game skills will be evaluated.
If you do not meet the standard we expect your trail will be ended.

If you have questions, contact me or any other guild officers of this guild in-game.

You can find more information and our application form on: Enigma of Hellfire (http://enigma-hellfire.guildomatic.com)
If you want your application to be handled discreetly you can PM any of our Officer listed below.

Kind regards

Deafnite, Bloodrage, Ezmestra, Vymeran, Matoskah