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07-20-2009, 04:00 PM
Flatline was formed with the primary goal being taking down all of the raid content blizzard puts in front of us. This includes all the hard more content and achievements. We are currently 13/14 Ulduar 25 with FL, XT, and Hodir Hard Modes down.

Raid times are Sunday - Thursday 9 pm Ė 1 am Eastern Time.

About Ysera:

Ysera is a medium/high pop east coast PVE server. It was one of the top 25 raiding servers on wowprogress.com. Itís very easy to find pugs for just about anything you want to run. The server is generally lag free and never has a queue.

About you:

Plain and simple the kind of people we are looking for people who have a true passion for raiding. We are looking for people who do their homework and work to play their class at the very highest level possible. If you canít take criticism, Flatline isnít the guild for you. If you canít commit to a very high level of attendance, then Flatline isnít the guild for you. However, if youíre looking for a dedicated guild who is working to be an excellent raiding guild, Flatline is the place for you.

Our needs:

Right now we are open to the right kind of player (see above) of nearly any class or spec. We have a big need at the moment for a good tank of basically any class, priest of all specs, and then just a few more solid DPS. Again if you take raiding seriously, you have a real passion for raiding, and can meet our raiding schedule donít be afraid to put in an app or speak with me in game.

If youíre interested please apply now at Flatline (http://www.flatline-guild.com). Also for more information, feel free to contact Jamis in game on Ysera.

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