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07-20-2009, 11:18 AM
Server: Terokkar (CST, PvE Server)
Time Zones: We plan around CST, but many players are in the EST as well
Guild Name: Trinity Exiles
Website: Trinity Republic &bull; Index page (http://www.trinitypa.com/)
Raiding Schedule: Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 7:30 PM - 10:00 PM, Additional raids posted as needed / desired
Faction: Alliance
Progress: 8/14 Ulduar

What our Guild can offer:

- A mature, adult atmosphere
- A structured, focused, and casual raiding environment
- A strong sense of community and belonging
- Supportive members who have been playing since WOW's launch
- Teamspeak server

Ideal Candidates:

- Mature, adult players over the age of 18
- Willing to use teamspeak, engage in conversation, and dialogue with members
- Have a computer and internet connection that allows for reliable play and raiding
- A solid knowledge and understanding of their class
- A great, positive, supportive attitude - Avoids negativity, thinks logically and is interested in success. An ability to easily gel with the core raiding group and function well in a team atmosphere is required.
- An ability to handle criticism and direction of your play. We expect that players will make an effort to get the appropriate gear, improve on their DPS, and sit out of a raid when necessary.
- Learn encounters and bosses as needed. Reading up on encounters prior to the raid is a must.

Immediate Goals:

- Progress through additional bosses in Ulduar
- Fill out a second 10 man raiding squad
- Gear up remaining players and new recruits to join both raiding squads (Naxx level gear)

Class / Roles needed:

- 2 Tanks
- 3 or 4 Healers
- Multiple DPS (Ranged, Melee, etc)
- Shaman
- Mage
- Warlock

UI and Raiding Requirements:

- Deadly Boss Mods
- orA2
- Omen Threat Meter
- Teamspeak

Contacts in game:

- Recruiting: Highland, Dolpher, or Kright (same account)
- Officers: Wynn, Calvey, Hibiscus, Septum, Gilesz, Boliwod

Contact out of game:

- Make an account on the forums and post and fill out an application in the recruiting section of our forums.

07-27-2009, 09:51 AM
^ Tankadin bump.

We're in the market for players, especially Tanks! Please contact us in game or on the forums if interested.

08-17-2009, 12:09 PM
Still going strong! Contact us if interested!