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07-20-2009, 07:31 AM
Telos is a 10 man raiding guild on the Turalyon server (EST) that is looking for a few new members. Recruits will need to be Naxxramus 10 geared at minimum. We are currently running Ulduar 10 man and have 10 of 14 bosses on farm status.

1 DK / Pally / War / Druid Tanking main spec but can DPS when called up on to do so

2 Ranged DPS a perfect fit for our guild would be a Boomkin or SP but are accepting applications from any ranged DPS

1 Healer any class

We provide flasks for raid nights plus gems and enchants for raider gear. Repair bills for progression raids are also provided by the bank.

We expect our raiding team to be mature and reliable. Guild rules must be read and signed on our guild forums. Alts are welcome.

Telos is a 10 man raiding guild by choice. We are not looking to grow into a 25 man guild or anything of the sort. Telos is not a casual raiding guild and we are not looking for part time raiders. Our members prefer a smaller, tight knit guild filled with good people and players. The fact that 25 man content drops better loot is inconsequential to us. We raid to experience all of the content Blizzard has to offer and we enjoy doing this with people we enjoy playing with. All applicants should be of like minded people.

Raid Days
Tuesday Thursday 8 pm 11 pm

All interested applicants should contact Cullberth, Nerti or Kaaylrinn in game or post an application at Telos (http://www.telos-turalyon.net).

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