View Full Version : [A] - Armed and Hammered - Garona - 10 man

07-19-2009, 06:48 PM
Armed and Hammered is a close knit friends and family 10-man raiding guild on Garona looking to recruit a few more players to fill in our raids. We're mostly all post-college WoW players that value our real life over our online life, however, when it is raiding time we bring a "hardcore" attitude. We raid Sun-Tues and Thurs, with weekends free to drink, fornicate, and generally not do anything Warcraft related. If you're looking to kick back and raid with people that don't take this game too seriously and can also talk to without feeling like you're in pre-school hit us up.

We currently have 9 bosses on farm in Ulduar.

Armed and Hammered Guild (http://www.armedandhammered.org)

Our forums are open so feel free to join and check us out or feel free to contact myself, Ariť, or Nitefall in game.

Currently recruiting:

Rogues - none
Hunters - none
Druids - 1 Resto/1 Feral
Paladins - 1 (you can be ret as long as your off spec is holy and you don't mind healing once in awhile)
DK - none
Shaman - 1 Resto
Priests - 1 Holy
Warlocks - 1 DPS
Warriors - none
Mages - none