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About Us:

Poets and Pirates is a raid guild on the Terokkar server. We've been in existence since mid-BC, and have been at or near the top of our server ever since. We're looking to add more skilled players to our guild to help us clear hard modes. We currently have FL, XT, and Hodir hard modes down, and are working on IC and Thorim. Our 10 man group(s) have cleared everything but Algalon and Yogg + 0. (Check out my sweet Rusted Proto-Drake. I'msoleet.)

Raid Nights, Times, and Loot:

Our raid nights are Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday, Monday, and alternating Wednesdays. That is a lot of days, but most weeks we don't come close to using them all. It's been months since we did 5 days, and 3 is the average. The Tuesday through Thursday stretch is the most vital time to be available.

Loot is given out through a loot council system. We currently have 6 people on the council, which leads to some pretty robust debates and remarkably low loot drama.

Recruiting Needs:

Death Knight: Full, both tank and dps.
Druid: High dps boomkin and possibly an outstanding resto druid wanted. Feral is full.
Hunter: Full unless you're practically the best hunter in the world.
Mage: Read what I said about hunters, the same applies.
Paladin: Ret desperately wanted. Good holy paladin a maybe. Prot full.
Priest: Full, both shadow and healing.
Rogue: Full, pending review of new recruits.
Shaman: None of the specs are high priority, but a talented shaman of any spec would be considered.
Warlock: One quality lock would be considered. Please have dual specs to switch between depending on the fight.
Warrior: High dps warrior considered. Prot full.

Note to potential applicants:
Don't waste my time. If you apply wearing blues (or god forbid, greens) or with substandard gems, enchants, glyphs, spec, whatever, you will be rudely rejected.

Contact Info:

Our website is located at Poets & Pirates :: Index (http://pap.stfu.ca)

Feel free to contact me in-game, or via PM on our forum with any questions. In the event I'm unavailable, our other officers are Blackoutt, Tadrahn, Superjosh, Porkk, and Flcrewpolo.

Thanks for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you.

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