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07-16-2009, 07:10 AM
Good day. I'm back to playing WoW from being off for a year for personal reasons. Prior to my absense I played as a warrior tank.

One of the main issues I always had was the constant feel like I needed to know more about the class and how to play it better. As many of you are aware, many people are not willing to offer guidance, especially from a fellow tank.

Thats what makes this site amazing because so much valuable information has been provided by veteran tanks.

My concern is the complexity of playing a tank effectively. It seems that with the vast variety of abilities that warrior tanks have...its really hard to play one effectively. My issue is that I don't have alot of evening time to play and practice like I used to. Being a mediocre tank is something I'd hate to be, for everyone elses sake including my own.

I have 2 level 70's, my other is a mage. I'm coming to ask the opinion of other veteran warriors. How complicated is being a warrior these days? Learning what gear, enchantes, spec etc is one thing, playing the class is something else entirely. I remember having a hard time knowing when to do the spell reflect thing...which is embarrasing.

I admit I was not as experienced as some of the more seasoned tanks who play wow, but I did my best and I mean that...to try and educate myself and applied everything I learned. Infact, many new and upcoming tanks came to me for advice. I had a reputation for being a good tank...But I always knew I still had alot to learn.

So my question is...should I level up my tank (if its not too complicated), or my mage? I know you can't make this decision for me but this was meant as a general question regarding the current level of complexity of being a warrior tank.

Your thoughts are appreciated.