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07-15-2009, 08:02 PM
<Vena Sera> is currently recruiting for several different designations. We use the niKarma system

About <Vena Sera>
<Vena Sera> started out as a 10 man pug. During this time, most of us were in big guilds that were doing 25 man content but had no room in their 10 mans. We formed as a PUG and did well on our first day. Within 2 weeks we were on Mimiron and General and finally Yogg. It was then we decided we had had enough of the drama, bs, and yelling that goes on in (at least our) bigger guilds. We were content with our 10 mans until they were outplayed. From there, we began recruiting - very selectively - and running Uld 25 pugs as a guild. This was roughly 2 weeks ago.

Currently, we stand at 15/25 core members needed for running Ulduar 25 without PUGs. We're very selective in who we bring into the guild, and most of the core members we have were hand-picked invited from running PUGs with us. That being said, we'd like to stop pugging the other 10 slots, and have a full running guild group. Because of this, mass promotion (NOT mass inviting) is required.

If you're interested in joining the guild, you may submit in application at .::> Vena Sera <::. (http://www.vena-sera.com). If you wish to have your application more private, please PM Brajin via the Vena Sera forums. Any questions or concerns can be directed to Brajin, Verachten or Korakas in game.

Raid times are tues, wed, thurs from 7pm - 11pm server time. Classes we are currently recruiting for can be found on the forums @ .::> Vena Sera <::. (http://www.vena-sera.com) under the "application" forum. All may apply, however, as we will take any application that is exceptional.

07-16-2009, 07:40 PM