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This isn't the wow forums, if you've got a bone to pick or something to prove about someone, just say it like an adult would between a conversation, calling someone's reading comprehension into question is not only rude, it's against our posting rules to insult players. You've gotten 2 reports within 24 hours, make it 3 and you can see a temp ban.

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Throughput damage and hit size are unrelated metrics. Relative to the 25-30k swipes Thorim starts to take toward the end, or Steelbreaker's 60k+ fusion punches, I consider Algalon's 19k MH/9k OH to be small, fast hits. The throughput damage is quite high; however, it's the hit size that determines the relative strength of block value - not throughput.

Also, solo-tanking patchwerk isn't as bad as you make it out to be. It just sucks for the local melee, who are all dead or spamming shoot.

Kyru - what sort of tanking uptime do each of you have? Unless it's an even 50-50 split, that's going to have a very significant influence on the damage taken numbers. If you take 10% more damage, but tanked 75% of the fight, your throughput intake is still lower. Furthermore, cooldown usage has strong implications as well; if someone is rotating mitigation cooldowns and the other tank is not, you will see lower throughput damage on one tank, while the other is saving himself when he's actually threatened (rather than just blindfiring).

You have an odd perception then, if you think he hits fast and small. Also, I don't think you read my post quite right. Nowhere did I offer any opinion on the difficulty of solo tanking patchwerk. But then again, judging from how you went off on a tangent talking about melee dying in the fight, when I said that the tank was the only one in melee range, I guess your reading comprehension is about as good as your judgement of hit size... not quite up to par.