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07-14-2009, 03:47 PM
[EDIT: As explained below, the subject line should be (13/14, 3/4)]

Edge of Insanity (Alliance, Bloodhoof-US) is recruiting exceptional players of all specs and classes, but especially:

- Druid Tanks
- Pally Tanks
- Warrior Tanks
- Any exceptional player of any class

EOI is a hard core raiding guild with a casual twist. We have a tight-knit, core raiding team supported by well over 100 member friends with many alts of all sizes, shapes and colors. We have many server first Ulduar achievements and have completed all Hard modes up to Freya. One of our 10 man teams has server first hard modes for just about everything including killing Algalon.

We are looking for a few mature, intelligent people to help our 25-man team kill Algalon within the next few weeks.

We raid Sunday - Thursday 8pm - 11:30 with invites starting at 7:45.
Progression nights can go as late as 12:30am.
75% attendance is required, 90-100% attendance is better.

Again, all exceptional players are encouraged to apply. Please visit http://www.eoi-guild.com/ for more information and to submit your application. Both public and private apps are available.

07-21-2009, 01:49 PM
So confused. You need more for algolon but you're 14/14?

07-29-2009, 02:14 PM
Ah, I see the issue; I can't count, at least not while quickly posting from work.
We've cleared all the non-Hard Mode Ulduar content (13/13).
We've cleared all of the non-Keeper/Non-Yogg Hard Modes (4/4 on those).
We've killed Yogg +3 Keepers several times (one Val'anyr completed in the guild).
At that time we'd cleared two of the Keepers on Hard Mode to get their Sigils (2/4).
We've since cleared Mimiron Hard Mode, so that would make us (3/4).

We're working on Freya+3 now and still looking for folks to join us.

Once we unlock Algalon-25 we're expecting to make pretty fast work of him; we've had 10-man groups killing him for a few resets now, so we're spreading the experience around.

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