View Full Version : 10-man 13/14, 4/9 recruiting Tank. Kul Tiras, US

07-14-2009, 12:51 PM
[H]Mulligan of Kul Tiras, US is looking for a tank. DK or Druid preferred.

Mulligan.wowstead.com (http://mulligan.wowstead.com)
(post in our Public Forums to apply, there is no formal application form)

We're an adult raiding guild (over 18, please) with a flexible schedule and no attendance requirements, but we take 10-man raiding seriously, reaching #1 10-man only guild on the server, and before losing our MT were #26 in the US (according to Guildox.com 10 man strict list (http://www.guildox.com/go/g.asp?a=4&s=1&r=Kul%20Tiras-US&w=)). We've cleared everything in Ulduar 10 except the last 5 hard modes (and Algalon), and plan to earn Rusted Protodrakes before the next patch. We value a sense of humor, integrity, and positive attitudes. And bribes. Sweet, sweet bribes.

We've recently lost our MT to RL, and are looking for someone who loves to tank and wants to fill the MT role for our type of guild. Gear is less important than personality, knowing your class, and being a quick learner. Knowing many facts about fish, being part Incan god, or sleeping with a Blizz developer is a plus.

You must also prefer 10-man raiding to 25-man. We are heavily focused on progression through 10-man hard modes without killing Ulduar 25 bosses. We are ranked highly because we take the 10-man hard mode raids seriously, and we need a main tank who takes them seriously and has what it takes to handle that kind of content. We've downed all but Algalon in Uld 10, and have cleared XT, IC, Hodir, and Thorim hard modes as well as FLx3 and Freyax1, with the rest to come when you join.

Our raiding schedule is flexible and can move a bit to accommodate a good candidate. We currently raid Wed/Fri/Mon 6:30pm server (that's 7:30 EST), with raids on weekends depending on member's schedules.

Apply at: Mulligan.wowstead.com.

We do not have a formal application. You'll need to create a free and quick wowstead account and post in our "Public Random Forum", telling us about yourself and your interest in the guild. If you have questions feel free to contact me in-game in whisper or mail.