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About Us:
Hysteria is a reroll guild getting ready to roll on the US-Staghelm (PvE-CST) server. We are striving for recruiting approximately 30 talented people that are serious about rerolling, serious progression with a semi-casual schedule (3-4 days a week between Sunday and Thursday).

Our raids will be sometime between 7 and 12 CST, we are currently voting on the official times in that range.

We currently have about 15 people, and with another 15 or 20 we will start the reroll.

About the GM:

"I have been playing since classic wow. In classic wow I mainly pvpd (I got rank 10 on 2 chars) and did a little ZG. In BC I started raiding on my rogue (kara-mag pre nerf). kara-BT/hyjal on my holy priest (pre nerfs) and kara-SWP (3/6) as shadow, I also tanked kara-BT/hyjal on my war. I also healed in the first ZA bear group on the server. In WOTLK I have cleared naxx/OS/maly on my 4 80s (pally, priest, DK,war) with every spec at one point, 10 and 25 OS 3d on my priest, server first undying group. Ulduar I have cleared 13/14 on my spriest, server first 10 man and server 2nd 25 man, 4 hard modes on 10 man and we had been working on hard modes in 25 man. We did all of this on a 3 day raid schedule.

What I will bring to the guild: Lots of BC and wrath end game exp. exp with 4 different classes at 80 and 3 others 70+. Fair leadership."

What We are looking for:
We are looking for an approximate 30 member raid roster with nearly all members dedicated to the raid times. We don't expect you to show up to 100% of the raids, real life stuff happens. However, you can't expect to show up to half the raids on a normal basis and stay an active raider.
Current endgame experience is not required, but we require that you have at least some raiding experience.

Current Needs:
High = (most positions open),
Med = (2-3 positions open max),
Low = (1 open position max, filler)

If a class is closed, excellent applications are still considered.

Med - Death Knight
High - Druid (resto and balance)
Low - Druid (feral)
Med - Hunter
High - Mage
High - Paladin (ret. and holy)
High - Priest
Low - Rogue
High - Shaman (enh and ele)
High - Warlock
Med - Warrior (Fury and Arms)
High - Warrior (Prot)

Contact Information:

Applications (website):
Hysteria : Home : World of Warcraft Guild Powered by GuildPortalâ„¢ Guild Hosting (http://www.guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?GuildID=321208&TabID=2692932&PageName=Home)

Mirena (Guild Master):
E: mtropp91@gmail.com
AIM: mtropp98
PM on Hysteria Forums

Krizto (Poster of this thread):
AIM: xXKriztoXx
PM on Hysteria Forums

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