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07-14-2009, 09:03 AM
Did ZG last night for the achievement as a 3 man (tank/healer/dps) having never done it before and there were a couple of really clever raid mechanics in there they really should dust off.

The axe thrower packs were a nightmare even as level 80's. I assume they used to be CC'ed but you could do them without CC but you needed to rotate your stuns. Them knocking your off you feet and interrupting was very clever. They were a real thinking and working mob which you don't see enough of in raid instances. To be honest they were more painful than most of the trash mobs in naxx by far. A few in ulduaar like the twins near cat lady are perhaps the only trash that I would rate higher technical.

On the last boss the MC of the main tank had us call for another tank and wetting ourselves with laughter. I would get MC'ed and go over and half kill the dps and healer and it would finish the job off before releasing me. I really liked that mechanism as it made the need for a 2nd tank manditory ... perhaps it was dispellable but we didn't have any classes that could do it. The best bit about it was the tank not only had to tank the boss but watch for other tank getting MC'ed and tank/stun them. Made a really fun encounter only doable by good play and yet the damage in total would be considered modertae these days.

So given night off with server down I thought I would ask what other great old raid mechanics are out there that we haven't seen for ages rather than the mundane heavy magic crud we have seen alot of lately.

Hit Me
07-15-2009, 08:35 AM
BWL has some pretty cool fights. Especially the second boss. You get a debuff that reduces total health by 5% every second, so no amount of gear or healing can save you.