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07-12-2009, 07:28 PM
Versus the World (VtW) is recruiting on Sen'Jin US. We were a 25 man guild but a few players who were officers stepped away from the game and we consolidated into a 10 man raiding guild. A few weeks later we cleared all of Ulduar and a number of hard modes. We would like to go back to a 25 man raiding. In an effort to do so, we are recruiting for a 2nd 10 man Ulduar group which will eventually be merged into the current 10 man group to form a 25 man team. Our schedule is designed around people who enjoy playing the game but can't commit 20 hours a week to raiding. Each raid group will raid a maximum of 9 hours a week for official raids. Members are welcome to do non-official content whenever it doesn't conflict with official raid times. Our raid times for the 2nd 10 man will be Thursday, Sunday, Monday from 8 pm to 11 pm central. When we have enough quality players to form a 25 man raid team, the official raid days will be Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday at the same time. We focus on quality raiding over spending extra time to get stuff done.

If your interested in our guild our website is versusyou.wowstead.com Click on the Recruitment option on the left side of the page and fill out an application.

Questions which people might have:

Why recruit for a second 10 man first?
We feel it would be unfair to someone we are recuiting to bring them into the guild and then have them sit because we don't have enough for a 25 man raid. By forming a second 10 man we also get the benefit of evaluating talent before dropping someone into content they aren't ready for.

What classes/roles are you recruiting for?
Right now everything, but with an focus on healers/tanks.

What is our feeling on recuiting people who might not have great gear?
Personality > Talent > Gear. We don't want drama or !@%!*#!s regardless of how talented the player is and Gear can be fixed. We will look at gear level of people applying. Being properly gemmed and enchanted with lower level gear will tell us a whole lot more then great gear where the person doesn't know what the hell they are doing with it. Teaching someone how to play their class isn't our job.

What kind of loot system?
Loot Rotation. We had some issues with the SKG plugin so we have abandoned it. One of the officers configured a web program that does the same thing. Members can track the rotation location by clicking on a button on the website.

What consumables are expected during a raid?
Flask or 2 elixirs during boss fights. The guild provides fish feasts during the raid, but only when more then a couple people need well fed buffs. If you are the only person without well fed you're expected to provide your own food.

Current Progression?
We were 9/13 Ulduar before we dropped to 10 man progression. We are 13/14 10 man Ulduar.

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