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07-12-2009, 02:33 PM
I have managed several guild banks in the past in a few different games, but I have never been to the point where the guild is so successful that it really becomes a large amount of work. This is a good thing of course, and I enjoy managing this aspect of the guild, but I am looking for advice.

Just a little bit of background, the guild was started from scratch in the fall of last year with no assets to speak of. We did not start raiding actively until T7 in Wrath, so at that point we began really building the bank. By selling off BOE epics that were not needed, we were able to fund our bank tabs and offer free repairs and fish feasts on progression nights. By the end of T7 when we had everything on farm, our income was pretty decent and we headed into 3.1 with around 20k in the bank. We've always tried to encourage everyone to be self sufficient, bringing their own flasks, food, pots, etc. So I know we have a good group of people that can take care of themselves.

Since 3.1, our income has gone up substantially and I have been looking to find ways in which to translate this into more success as a guild. The first things we did was to supply fish feasts for our entire raid, even trash. We also opened up repairs for all raiders 24/7 (which I initially thought would be ridiculously expensive, but we are easily covering that cost). Since pygmy oil was such a common bank donation, we have started supplying potions of speed and wild magic as well. We have never sold an abyss crystal and always hand those out for free to people who need enchants, but those are starting to pile up in rather large amounts as well. We have also never sold any runed orbs, but we are starting to come to the point where not many people will need those here soon either.

We are still making money at a very fast pace though, just from the BOEs, and I have started contemplating new ways in which to spend money :) Infinite dust, cosmic essences, eternal belt buckles are all something that would not be too tough to supply. Flasks would also be one of the next major items we could finance. However, I do not want running the bank to turn into a full time job here. I have always tried to keep it simple and straightforward both for my sanity sake and so I do not have to worry about policing what we are financing to make sure someone is not reselling items or anything like that. I have even considered just paying out dividends when I know a big expense is coming (say epic gems when 3.2 goes live).

So I was wondering what are common approaches other people have taken to running their guild banks. How much cash do you really want to bank for that rainy day? How do you spend your extra money? What kind of tactics do you use to minimize the time you spend managing the bank? One thing I am leery about doing is to start supplying something (like flasks) and then be at some point in the future where people expect that from us but it becomes prohibitively expensive or time consuming for us to do.

07-13-2009, 02:46 AM
In my guild we pay for crafted gear when we get the orbs, any enchants for core raiders, and even gems. That seems to keep the bank at a constant level. If it is progression depending on the difficulty level I turn on the guild repairs. So seems pretty close to what you do. One thing I do not recommend is doing the flasks. The reason being is atleast on my server prices on frost lotus tend to jump so high sometimes and with the amount we use that it eats away repair funds fast. If you only raid 15 hours a week or so I can't see that being a problem though.

also me and the 4 officers all pitch in with helping to keep the bank organized with the supplies it needs. In my opinion in a larger guild you can not do this alone. Unless u want no life :P

07-13-2009, 06:29 AM
Well, we do flasks. We sell them at reduced prices rather than give them away for free, mainly to keep demand down a bit. To be honest, it's a huge job. Keeping the stocks of herbs coming, and getting flasks made (or even just stockpiling them from the AH) takes time. You really need someone dedicated to doing it. But in our guild at least, it's very popular and successful.

I'm surprised you manage to keep up with repair costs. We have more cash in the bank than you do, but I could see it declining pretty fast if we opened that. I guess its dependent on the size of your roster.

07-13-2009, 12:08 PM
A big reason why I went with repairs first rather than flasks was simply to keep things simple from an administration perspective. I figure that the gold cost from the bosses roughly cover flask costs too, so with repairs turned on and flasks required, raiding is about a break even proposition. Gear + emblems are all straight "profit"... raiders these days have it so easy (back when I was a kid, we walked uphill both ways!).

But 10-15k per week is fairly easy to cover at this point - who knows if it will stay this way in the future. Like I said when we started 3.1 we had about 20k in the bank. When we hit 40k, I decided to turn on repairs full time rather than just turning them on for progression nights and I figured at the time that this would start draining our coffers. Now we are at 70k and still making money each week. So I am not sure how much money is enough to bank - obviously we want enough so that if something comes up and we need to make some purchases to further our progression, it is not an obstacle. But I cannot forsee anything requiring that amount of money really. I imagine that the days of onyxia scale cloaks are over and typical expenses now are gem upgrades and half optional resist gear. I have thought about trying to setup contracts with crafters to buy flasks and pots in bulk, but I am not sure that is even worth the hassle since the economy on my server is very healty and the AH is so convenient.

What I am honestly leaning towards now is just setting a cap on how much we want to keep in the bank, and then paying out dividends to people when we go over that cap (what exactly that number is, I am not sure). This would allow me to do something like mail out 1k gold to all our raiders on the eve of 3.2 to help ease the cost of epic gem upgrades or something like that.

07-13-2009, 03:51 PM
You could perhaps give a flask allowance per raid attended, instead of actually doing the admin of buying the flasks? Pay it out every few weeks or something.

07-14-2009, 04:41 AM
yea when i tried flasks I was getting them made for the guild more then I was actually playing it got too out of control for me anyhow. To comment on the epic gems I buy any and all cheap titanium ore to prospect for when 3.2 hits. Right now we run all the old raids naxx/OS for full clears for badges and BOE epics to sell to help contribute to changing gems when the patch does hit. Helps gear for offsets also.

07-14-2009, 10:37 AM
We're running into a similar situation ourselves. We sell all BoEs that arent needed for main spec and sell orbs on AH or slightly discounted to guildies. Reason for selling orbs to guildies is to keep it fair, if we gave 6 to player A then player B would naturally ask why they missed out. By selling them player B gets some benifit via gbank, everyone is happy.

We supply all gems, leg armor, beltsockets, meta gems, chanting mats free for raiders main spec. We sell Abyss Crystals at 50g, again to keep it fair and stop on-selling or the likes. We basically want our raiders to come out raid with their new shinies and not have much more to spend in having items raid ready. We supply flasks but at 20g ea, only reason we sell them is for raider convience, i certainly dont want to be buying mats and having 400 odd made a week.

Ive never really liked the repairs and felt the guild would get smashed having it on 24/7, but i think ill open it for progression nights for a start and possibly look at all raid nights.

Like yourself i feel the free flasks would just be too much workload and interested in any ideas other guilds have come up with. Btw we just cracked 6 figures ourselves, im rather proud of our gbank. I put alot of effort into buying and selling smart for the guild.

07-15-2009, 03:39 AM
We are still making money at a very fast pace though, just from the BOEs, .

whilst I don't have a solution to your question, could I briefly derail to ask if BOE epics is your primary income source? Any other notable, like selling achievements or BoPs (like inviting one person to the raid)?

Your 20k income a week is quite high, so was curious about it. This is something I'd been wanting to write an article on.

07-15-2009, 08:03 AM
No, just the BOEs for us so far (seems like almost all BOEs are items that our raiders do not really want). I've never really tried to track our weekly income or analyze it to that level - I do run bean counter though so maybe I should go back through past auctions. I think maybe another reason we do pretty well is our approach to raiding. We are not one of the "uber" guilds and while our progression has been decent (just starting to get into hardmodes), I think we are a pretty efficient guild with a very light schedule in comparison to our progress. Our wipe times are fairly limited and we are rarely in situations where we are really just banging our head against content.

07-20-2009, 01:04 PM
Dividends for 3.2 sounds like a nice idea, especially as you race towards the 100k cap.

It's not like the release of 3.2 is going to destroy your bank balance in terms of repairs either.

09-03-2009, 06:40 AM
On thing that might help is maybe make a crafters tab where you put materials and some appointed crafters can take them from the tab to make belt buckles, leg armors flasks etc. which they then can put back, this way you delegate some work and only have to keep stocks up in that tab.

09-10-2009, 01:56 PM
I manage my guild's bank and whats made it easy to manage is to open up 2 tabs for members. containing food, pots and flask or enchanting scrolls, so no officers or I would be interrupted on our game time. And after every raid when people got new items I go to the bank for 15 minutes and give all members what they needed.
For the gold make fun runs example schedule a death race pay out to the top three or a pvp style battle amongst the guild; or give it out as a proggression inccentive for hardmodes that you are totally having challenges on. Set an amount and have everyone open roll on that amount who where present and in the raid for that kill. This helped my guild w/ downing certain bosses.
We provided enchants, armor kits and gems for main spec. We also ran a Weekly Donation this could be anything the guild needed from mats for fish feats or 1 frost lotus to help keep the supply for raiding consumables.