View Full Version : Tanking then maccro aggro help

07-10-2009, 03:58 PM
Hey ive had a look at making a few changes and firstly was to use the Shift modifier.

at the moment i have 1 - 6 set up with this for instance

/cast Shield Slam(Rank 8)
/cast Shield Block
/use Figurine - Monarch Crab

its on most my actions revenge devistate ect ect.

So what i have done if hen im on full rage i rage dump by pressing shift mouse wheel up

and i now have a new set of keys all with these macros

/cast Heroic Strike(Rank 13)
/cast Shield Slam(Rank 8)

each for everyone of my mele actions again.

I basically see my rage bar go from full to 0 in about 5 seconds and my aggro jumps right off the scale whilst im doing it.

When its empty i shift mouse back up to the normal bars and carry on with my rotation till its full again.

Is what im doing a good idea or should i have a look again at the maccros that im making?


07-12-2009, 06:53 AM
I was having problems getting threat on multiple mobs, and being over aggro'd by toons with extreme DPS. Also not a big fan of too many buttons so I have macro'd my main attacks and its working well.

Key 1 Heroic Throw
Key 2 Thunder Clap
key 3 Shockwave
key 4 (macro) dev, shield block
key 5 (macro) revenge, HS
key 6 (macro) SS, cleave

Middle Mouse Wheel - Tab next target

So I charge - TC - SW - spam 4,5,6 (and TC - SW when off CD)

I am finding this working very well for me. Against single and Multiple mobs.

And rarley have issues with threat. If there is a toon doing extreme DPS then pop a Vigilance on them and problems should be over.