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07-10-2009, 12:46 PM
A M I T I N is looking for a few more to fill out our 10-man ToC raids. We currently raid 10-man ToC Thursday (6:45-9:30ish server), and Sunday (4:00-8:00ish server). We will be moving back towards Tuesday evening raids as well. Ulduar 10 is ran Wednesday and Fridays.

Currently most in need of:

Ele Shaman
Shadow Priest

But will review any app submitted.

A M I T I N is a semi-casual raiding guild comprised of friendly and mature players. While our goal is to see and complete available content, we ARE NOT a "server first" or hardcore progression guild. However, if you are looking for a guild of friendly and mature players who still take raiding seriously and have a desire to complete available content, then keep reading.

Although we are not a hardcore raiding guild, we still expect players interested in raiding to:

1) Be knowledgeable and proficient in their class and spec;
2) Be logged-in and prepared to raid at raid time (ie. food, flasks, strats, etc.); and
3) Be respectful to their fellow raiders (including those in other guilds).

If you can meet the above criteria and believe that A M I T I N might be a good fit for you, then visit our website A M B I T I Ø N of Baelgun (http://www.tooambitious.guildomatic.com) for more information or to fill out an application. If you have any questions, contact Uaeko, or any of our other officers in-game.

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