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07-10-2009, 12:22 PM
<Tropic Plunder> H - Winterhoof - 10 man hardcore raiding
Progression: Tropic Plunder of Winterhoof - GuildOx - WoW Guild Progress and Achievement Rankings (http://www.guildox.com/go/g.asp?n=Tropic+Plunder&r=Winterhoof-US)
Web: Tropic Plunder (http://www.tropicplunder.com/)
Application: Tropic Plunder - forum - Recruitment (http://www.tropicplunder.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=3)
Schedule: 6:30 - 10:30 PM EST, Monday, Thursday, Sunday (optional raids occur on off days and raids may run later than advertised).

Recruitment needs:
2 Healers (bonus points for being geared/ skilled at DPS as well)
3 Pure DPS - (Mage, rogue, warrior, hunter preferred)
1 DPS/Tank (need for a dps player who can successfully offtank)

About us:
Tropic Plunder is recruiting for 10 man hard mode raiding. Our goal is to build one of the most competitive 10 man raiding teams on any server. Our core membership has a proven history of successful hardcore raiding in WoW and I expect the same of our applicants. We raid 10 mans because we feel like there is a lot of uniqueness and competitiveness in the format and look forward to crushing all hard mode content in 10 man gear as it is released.

As GM, I have accumulated years of wow leadership experience, including GM of a 40 man progression guild through MC, BWL, and AQ40 in classic. <Tropic Plunder> is a team focused on WoW raiding excellence in the 10 man hard modes in 10 man gear (it is acceptable for applicants to be currently geared in 25s gear). I am a fair, reasonable, and responsible raid leader that operates a loot council based on best upgrades for the team, not the individual. I treat all members and trials equally based on their skill and contribution to the team.

About you :
You are a pro player excited about the 10 man format. You know everything there is to know about your class and are never complacent in your quest to be a better player. You never have to be told to bring flasks/ consumables to raids and are so excited about content that you are motivated to research strategies without being forced to do so. You know how to raid, you're a master of the basics and are tired of noobs, scrubs, posers and jokers holding you back while you carry them. You are an asset to the team that not only puts up great numbers, but knows how to make a raid leader's job easier through attention to detail and raid awareness skills.

Ideal candidates for Tropic Plunder are extremely competitive individuals who are not content with second best. Please do not confuse "10 man" with "casual".

Please visit our forums to ask questions and apply. If you are not the player described above do not waste your or my time by putting in a substandard application. Likewise, if you are a pro player, I am committed to carefully selecting applicants that will make your transfer/ commitment to <Tropic Plunder> well worth the effort.

Tropic Plunder - Winterhoof Forums (http://www.tropicplunder.com/forum/index.php)

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up please. many thanks for reading.

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