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07-10-2009, 09:36 AM
Website: Anarchy - Dawnbringer Horde (http://www.abysmalchaos.com)

Tired of being hindered by leadership that isn't competent? Discontent about the slow, painful progression that you are being forced to endure? Join Anarchy and experience progression without boundaries.

- Ulduar: Flame Leviathan+2, Razorscale, Ignis, XT, IC, Kologarn, Auriaya, Hodir, Thorim, Freya, Mimiron, General Killed.
- Chamber of Aspects, Sartharion: Clear (With 3 drakes up)
10-man - 4/9 Hard modes:
- Ulduar: FL+4, XT, Iron Council, Freya+2, Thorim, Hard modes
- Chamber of Aspects, Sartharion: Clear (With 3 drakes up)

We raid 3 days a week, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 7pm CST to 11pm CST (Yes that is server time)

Why should you join Anarchy?
-] Strong leadership with extensive background on all encounters in Wotlk.
-] We are progression focused.
-] We recruit the best, because we expect the best out of everyone.
-] We carry a small roster of dedicated raiders.

Current recruitment needs:
-Mage 1
-Resto Shaman 1
-Shadow Priest 1
-Moonkin 1
-Arms Warrior 1
-Enhancement Shaman 1
-Death Knight Tank 1
-Anyone else who is reliable, geared and has in-depth knowledge of their class.

Applicant Expectations:
-You are highly skilled at your class and are consistently looking for ways to improve (reading forums, theorycrafting etc...)
-You are prepared at raids with all consumables (flasks, foods, pots etc...)
-You are prepared for new content, understand the strategies and have watched videos before the raid.
-You are available to raid consistently and have a good internet connection. 80% attendance is required.
-A thorough application - the more info you provide, the better.
-Enjoy raiding, and expect to do a lot of it.
-Be a mature person, be able to take jokes and criticism.
-Expect to raid for achievements once the fights are known.

Anarchy does NOT recruit for the bench! When we recruit, it is for a raid spot. Applicants should expect to be thrown immediately into our current content focus and perform at par or above our current roster. We will never turn down an applicant who possess experienced playtime, performance, awareness, attitude, and above all brilliance.

Please visit our website to submit an application.
Website: Anarchy - Dawnbringer Horde (http://www.abysmalchaos.com)

GL- Alar

07-10-2009, 09:40 AM
For those affraid of links for fear of keyloggers the site is abysmalchaos.com