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07-09-2009, 02:24 PM
Guild Name: Unity
Server: Jaedenar PvP
Faction: Alliance
Battlegroup: Misery
Guild Type: PvE

About "Unity":
Unity has been up for three years, having a steady good progress during this lifetime on every end game content.
As much as we do give importance to beat every game content and always asking our players to give their maximum in raid, we also care a lot for social and community factor in Guild - trying to keep nice, friendly and mature atmosphere in it for all those years.

Guild Progress in The Burning Crusade and WoTLK :
Mount Hyjal, Black Temple, Sunwell Plateau Cleared.
Ulduar (except Algalon ofc) on both 10 man and 25 man versions was cleared shortly upon its release.
Beside that, we always try to push our limits with hardest raiding achievements.

Hard modes done on Heroic: Flame Leviathan, Thorim, Iron Council, Deconstructor, Hodir, Three Lights in the Darkness
Hard modes done on 10 men: Algalon left.

Our raiding schedule:
While we have progression, raiding is taking six days per week, having Saturday as day off. Exceptions can be made when we push on New content.
We raid from 20:00 - 24:00 Server time, having invites starting on 19:30.Extremely good activity is expected, so do not bother applying if you can not meet these Raiding hours and days.

What Unity can offer:
We can offer a long-last Guild that is under a strong leadership. Hardcore raiding and progress through the game content combined with friendly environment. You will not be a filling spot on the bench, since we are a small player base guld. We follow zero-sum dkp system with fixed-prices with no priorities to anyone in order to have fair loot-distribution.

What Unity can benefit and asks from you:
We want people with brains, being on a decent and mature age which means 18+.
We expect from you to know how to listen and obey to orders of raid leader, taking cristicism and same time think and adapt to fight in any given moment - according to situation.
We DO NOT need „robots“ in raid.
As it was said before extremely good activity, is somehow a requirement. If you search for a casual guild or you can not go according to our raiding days and hours DO NOT bother. Even though gear does not matter, advanced knowledge of your class and game mechanics is a must.

We have a trial period which lasts for three to four weeks. During your trial period you will be judged from our officer team for your mentality, your ability to take criticism, your behavior and reaction on hard situations game-wise and your personality as player.
We are looking for long term members , experienced and motivated, with the attitude that is needed to keep the progress up.

Recruitment Status:
We shall try to keep this part undefined at the moment for many simple reasons. One of them is that this Game thought us till now that the Raid and the Guild is a very live, sensitive and fluid matter. Yes, we love to experiment with setups and we always want better one. For that reason, every exceptional, motivated and player with positive attitude is more then welcome to our guild. All Classes and Specs are going to be considered. We will point out if we need some specific classes.

TBC raiding experience like Black Temple or MH is somehow a requirement. Sunwell Plateau, and WoTLK content raiding experience is considered as a major plus.

You can find us on the following Links:

Unity Guild Website:
Unity - World of Warcraft guild on Jaedenar (http://www.unity-eu.com/)

Unity Forums:
Unity • Index page (http://www.unity-eu.com/forum/)

How to apply:
Unity - World of Warcraft guild on Jaedenar (http://www.unity-eu.com/index.php?p=recruitment)

Exceptional applications and players will be considered even if your class or spec is not mentioned on our Site recruitment post. Proving yourself to be a better raiding material from our current members, will result to you taking the raid spot instead.

For more informations, You can Contact our officer team:
Saian (GM)
Lenso / Draakora / Firstaider (officers) in game.

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