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07-07-2009, 10:44 PM
Sad Panda Is in need of some good/dedicated players for our 25 man roster which has started Hard Modes. Yogg has been dead before nerf and would love some Players that arent affected by summer, At the moment we are losing people due to being busy since summer is here, we are in need of certain classes/specs that would love a main raid spot and want to push progression. Sad Panda was created back in burning crusade when all it did was 10 man kara, then built up to do 25s. We kept the core of our raiders, the officers and GM are the same since day1. We are highly respected and had some server firsts, we are the #2 alliance guild on our server that has killed yogg both in 10 and 25 man. We take raiding seriously and frown on people who dont have a valid excuse for not making raid. We recruit to have raiders, raiders that know the class and show up.

Classes Needed: Hunter any spec, Shadow Priest, 2 Mages any spec, Holy Paladin, Feral Or Death Knight Tank. Now if your still interested and your class isnt on the list keep on reading and il see what i can do.

Raid schedule (Central Time Zone): Mondays-Thursdays, Invites go out at 6:30pm First pull is at 7:00PM and raid ends at 11:00PM.

DKP: we do use a dkp type loot system but basically all of our raiders have the gear, maybe some odds and ends so i doubt you will be waiting long on gear.

Rules: make sure you are flasked/food Buffed know how to enchant and gem your gear, always ask questions!! keep vent silent during encounters dont be poor have money for repairs, and have fun, its why we pay to play.

So if you want to raid and know how to play send us an application at Home : Sad Panda - Guild Launch Guild Hosting (http://madoransadpanda.guildlaunch.com) Or Get a hold of me for A verbal interview, because nothing can beat the word of mouth.

07-09-2009, 01:03 AM
/bump still lf these classes, LETS GO HARDMODES! :)