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Erus Proeliator:

Raiding late night since 2005, Erus Proeliator has earned many server firsts. We have a on-going goal and that is to clear the content with precision and offer our members the privilege to complete challenging content. We strive for Nerd Screams in vent, the kills that mean something, the kind that you wanna slap up on your refrigerator. We completed both "of the nightfall" and "The Immortal" within the top US-50. We are currently working on hardmodes inside Ulduar: Achievements

During progression we raid 5 nights a week, 4.5 hours per night. We raid from 9:30 PM - 2:00 AM PST Sunday through Thursday.



Candidates looking into Erus Proeliator as there future home will be able to meet the following and understand why they must meet the following, if this isn't you do not waste our time please.

Full t7.5 or almost full BiS Pre-ulduar.
Complete understanding of your class, its mechanics and how to optimally spec it for multiple roles in a raid setting.
Raiding professions, no gathering professions.
Optimal gemming and enchants.
Possess a computer capable of 25man Raiding without lag or hang-ups.
Can speak with a microphone on ventrillo and foresees no downtime to fixing a microphone if yours breaks in a short time period.
Will download any required Add-on and know how to get it to work. (loot mods, raid ui mods, boss mods).
Can make 80% of our scheduled raids.
Has no problem sitting out for raid compositions, or players that offer more to our raid should that be decided.
Can finance his/her raiding covering consumables repairs and upgrade enchants.
Does not delay on consumables before pulls, runs back fast, and limits the amount of afk's during the raid.
Can take criticism.
Has a spine but not a mouth *we don't want attitudes but if you are certain on your pov you should be able to offer good feedback and not just sit there quiet.
Understands the importance of progressing within 10 man content as well that may offer upgrades for 25 man content, and willing to set some time aside for that as well.
Keeps up to date with various strategies both on our forums and throughout the wow community.

Class-Priorities for Our Guild:

Shaman (Enhance)
Death Knight(DPS)
Priest (Shadow & Disc)
Druid (Tank)

Don't See Your Class?
We are constantly looking to improve our roster. If you are the exceptional player submit a application and convey to us why you feel you are such. We will put the same amount of effort into reviewing your application as you spent on it, we have a high attention to detail and will respond to your application.

How to Apply:

Visit our website and register with our boards, the link provided below takes you to our recruitment boards.
Recruitment Forum (http://www.ep-guild.com/forumdisplay.php?f=6)
Note: Privacy is important and you can only see your own application. Read our information presented and then put together your application.

Take your time when doing so and be thorough, make sure you give us all meaningful information and contact details and please check back regularly as many of our members may have questions for your application.

Be ready to provide further information and answers to questions that may crop up from your application.

If your interview goes well, we will invite you to the guild on a trial basis. This trial will be for one month to coincide with the transfer cool down. During this time, you are here to impress us so that you may be invited for full membership. Remember, you will be evaluated on everything that you do or don't do. At any time during this trial, you may be subject to removal. After the one month is up, the guild leader and officers will decide (with guild members' input) whether or not you should be promoted to full membership.


Recruitment Forum (http://www.ep-guild.com/forumdisplay.php?f=6)
WoW Progress (http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/tichondrius/Erus+Proeliator)

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