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07-07-2009, 08:54 AM
We're currently recruiting all classes/specs.

As a relatively small guild we can accommodate almost any class/spec assuming you can play to a respectable level. Dual specs has allowed us a lot more flexibility in terms of tanking,healing and dps.

Our Current Progress:

Ulduar 10: 10/14 Currently working on Mimiron
Ulduar 25: 7/14 Including Freyia

Naxx 10/25: Clear
Malygos 10/25: Clear
Sarth +1 10/25: Clear (we have not specifically attempted +2 or +3)
VOA 10/25: Clear

Raid Days:
Ulduar 10 on Thursday and Sunday/Monday. Raid times are 21:00 - 24:00 server time.
Ulduar 25 on Tuesday. Raid time 20:30 - 23:30.

All other days are off days although we usually do VOA 10/25 on Wednesday. Alt raids occur regularly.

What we offer

A small friendly guild with roughly 15 members.
Secure raid spots: A minority will be backup, but all members will be offered enough opportunities to raid.
3/4 raids per week: Both 10 and 25man. 25mans are conducted as a co-op raid with Valheru
Guidance and advice from Officers
Focus on progression raiding (we plan to clear the current tier of raiding before the next is released).

What we ask from you

Be PvE oriented: Gear, talent spec, attitude and interests should be towards raiding. You also search online resources to calculate how efficient you can tank/heal/DPS.
Availability: Please be online for at least 2 raid days per week, and possibly follow the guild on a daily basis.
Full raid attendance: If you signed up for a raid, you stay for the whole raid. The RL will be considerate to stop at a reasonable hour, but will call the shots. Going AFK every 15 minutes for extended periods of time is not acceptable.
Mature behaviour: While we like having a laugh now and then, immature comments or spamming GC or RC is not allowed. Wiping will be frustrating, but we expect all members to try again and again until the encounter is mastered.

If the above applys to you and you feel LooneyTunes will be a good match then pls visit looneyguild.co.uk • Index page (http://www.looneyguild.co.uk/)

07-09-2009, 06:23 AM
We managed to pick up 1 Prot Warrior.

But yet we need more.....apply now!

07-12-2009, 02:44 AM
Only 22 views cry!