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07-06-2009, 11:21 PM
Summertime is upon us and we need a few exceptional raiders to fill our ranks. See my post below and contact me in-game or at RedeemedDT@gmail.com!


Guild Website: www.RedeemedDT.net
Guild: Redeemed
Battlegroup: Emberstorm
Server: Drak'Tharon-US (PvP); High Population; Central Time
Raid Times: Monday - Thursday 5:45-10:30 (CST)
Loot System: DKP
25 Man Progression: 13/14 Ulduar - Working on Hardmodes.

Guild Needs:
Priest: Disc, Holy
Shaman: All Specs
Warlock: All Specs
Rogue: Combat
Druid: Feral Tank, Balance, Resto
Warrior: Prot

*Any melee/tanking class will be highly considered. Exceptional applications from any class are always considered. We do not recruit backup raiders.

About Redeemed:
We are a close family, many of us have been here for 2+ years enjoying the family we created. We are professional adults or students that use this game to get away from the real world. We expect players joining us to be respectful to veterans in this guild and to adjust to match our expectations.

We work very hard to keep this place the way it is so we have zero tolerance for anyone ignoring our rules and bringing any undesired reputation to our guild. If you can meet our rules you will find a great community that works hard to support the overall server community. We are good friends and mature players.

Contact Information:
We REQUIRE all applicants to go through an application process, however if you have any additional questions about the guild, our members, procedures, etc. that can't be found on our website please feel free to contact Rarity in-game or by email at RedeemedDT@gmail.com. We prefer that all of our applicants be 18+.


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Please contact Kohnan in game at any time

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