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07-06-2009, 04:32 PM
Hello Tankspot forum readers,

<Has Aggro>, a guild with more than 2 years of raiding under its belt, is looking for more like minded individuals to fill out our raiding roster. At the current time, we are accepting applications from all classes.

We are currently working on clearing Ulduar in 25 man mode, with our progress to date putting us at General Vezax. Our guild does run 10 man Ulduar on a weekly basis, and just recently killed Yogg.

While Proudmoore is officially a PST time zone realm, we are a EST/CST friendly guild, with the following raid times for our 25 man content(all times listed are Eastern):

Monday- 8:30pm to 11pm
Thursday- 8:30pm to 11pm
Friday- 8:30pm to 12am

<Has Aggro> is a guild that puts quality over quantity when it comes to time spent raiding, and we are geared for the individual who can not devote massive amounts of time to raiding, but still yearn to progress through content at an acceptable pace.

What we in <Has Aggro> expect from applicants:

- A positive attitude and respect for fellow members.
- Knowledge of your class, raid encounters, and the game in general.
- Flexibility in specs, being able to fill offspec roles with success.
- Ventrilo, mic not required but is a plus.
- Last but not least, at a minimum, the ability to post a semi-coherent application.

What applicants can expect from us:

- A great place to experience raiding content at a reasonable pace befitting persons who have a career and/or family.
- A guild officer core composed of individuals who are focused and intent on making <Has Aggro> a success on many fronts, including but not limited to raiding.
- Fair and balanced loot distribution system.
- Scheduled raids prepared in advance to minimize wasted time, and a rostering system that is fair and effective.

Any persons interested in getting more information can contact me, ColonP, Tarhoraan, Keratin or Korath in game or via mail. Info may also be found at Has Aggro &bull; Index page (http://www.hasaggroguild.com/forums/)

Thank you for your time!!!

07-09-2009, 06:22 AM