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07-06-2009, 02:27 AM
Guild Name: Shades of Despair
Website: http://www.shadesofdespair.com
Guild Type: 25-man Raiding
Raid Hours: 4 Nights/week
Faction: Horde
Battlegroup: EN-Rampage
Server: EU-The Maelstrom
Server Type: PvP

Looking for Class:

Looking for Role:
Melee DPS (low)
Ranged DPS

Shades of Despair is a long standing guild on The Maelstrom EU, currently recruiting active and skilled players to join our family.
We are a PVE guild focused on 25man end game content in a serious but fun environment, with all pre 3.1 raids done (incuding 10&25 man 3D) and are currently progressing through Ulduar, with 11 bosses down on 25man.
We raid on Sun/Mon/Tue/Wed from 19:15 to 23:30 game time, with 50% attendance required at the bare minimum (except special occasions).
Shades of Despair is currently recruiting all spec and all classes for further progress in Ulduar and the upcoming major content patch, Call of the Crusade and it's new raid , the Crusaders' Coliseum
We expect candidates to be pretty much fully HC Naxx geared and ready to jump into progress in Ulduar, but above all we're looking for activity and class knowledge. Experience in Ulduar is obviously a huge bonus, but if not research of the Ulduar boss encounters is encouraged.
We can offer you a very solid guild and a fun, serious raid environment and can guarantee you'll make a lot of new friends. Everyone here is generally helpful and friendly, so you'll feel right at home.
Apply now at www.shadesofdespair.com (http://www.shadesofdespair.com) if you're interested, or PM one of the officers in- game for any queries you may have.
Officers: Bubalus, Pano , Karnifex, Elegy
Check out our videos of some of our first boss kills on Ulduar heroic, just search "Shades of Despair" on Youtube!

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